The musical symphony of crickets, frogs, songbirds, geese and chickens fills my ears as I sit here on my front porch. The combined smells of freshly cut grass, and manure piles waiting to be spread fill my nose. A slight breeze tussles my hair and the vibrant green of the grass stretches
out for as far as you can see. Spring is finally here… hopefully. After a week of dreary rainy days, the beautiful sunshine and its rays are welcomed by all my senses. Farmyards are filled with equipment as last-minute touch ups are done in preparation for the anxiously awaited, GO, GO,
GO of planting season…. Finally!

I love every season. Each one has its own unique characteristics which make it beautiful in it’s own way. Fall may be my favourite because of all the vibrant colours of the leaves, but mid to late spring is my next favourite time of year. The vibrant oranges, yellows and reds of fall represent the quieting of the seasons. The mad rush of harvest will be slowly starting to wind down, and we look forward to catching up on much needed sleep and rest after a busy summer and fall. The trees, plants and animals do the same, preparing for their rest during the long winter

The lush spring colours have the opposite effect. We must endure the gloomier, rainy days; well, some of us do anyway. Others, usually the smaller, puddle jumping lovers, sing in the rain. As the saying goes, April showers, bring May flowers. That couldn’t have been truer for
us this year. After all the rain we had at the end of April, May 1st brought bright sunshine, vibrant thick green grass and trees filled with adorable light green leaves. Flower beds bloom with bright daffodils and the beautiful tulips are not far behind. Hopefully everyone got their indoor spring
cleaning done during the rainy days. Now the fun can begin. Twigs clean up, grass cutting, flower bed prepping and beautiful evenings spent with a drink in hand, lounging on the porch or next to a bonfire, enjoying natures’ musical symphony.

In a day or two, the roads and fields will be filled with traffic. Manure being spread, land being worked, and seeds being sowed. Music to a farmer’s ear. While the farmers and farm hands are busy in the fields, their spouses and children will be at home doing chores, feeding the
animals, making meals and worrying of course. They make sure their loved ones are being well taken care of, and everything is under control at the homestead. Although the mad rush of spring brings stress, worry and long days. It’s a yearly routine everyone is prepared for or should be
anyways. The relief and satisfaction when planting is done, puts a smile on everyone’s face.

The anticipation to see how the crops grow sets in and preparation for first cut will begin. We are lucky to live where the change of seasons is such an obvious and drastic change. They act as reminders for us to regulate our own day to day lives. To slow down, rest and reset
during the colder months and to get excited and energized with the coming of Spring. To get out, try something new, grow something new and enjoy the freshness of a new season. Every Spring brings a fresh start for not only plants and animals, but for human beings as well. Soak in the
beautiful sunny rays and make the most of every day, even the rainy ones!