The Cough, Cold, and COVID Clinic at the Alexandria hospital is closing.

Glengarry Memorial Hospital and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit opened the clinic on December 15 2022, to test, assess and provide treatment to patients with symptoms of respiratory illnesses like a cold, flu, COVID-19, and other viral respiratory illnesses. The clinic provided patients and families an option that offered shorter wait times while freeing up capacity in the Emergency Department. With the stabilization of respiratory illnesses in the region, the clinic has seen a decrease in patient visits and will close at the end of March, accepting its last appointments on March 31.

“Since opening, over 300 patients were seen at the clinic, freeing up resources for those who required emergency care,” said Glengarry Memorial Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Alldred-Hughes.  

Patients with cough, cold and flu-like respiratory symptoms are asked to contact their primary care provider for further guidance or consult the Eastern Ontario Health Unit website for testing centers. .