The summer of 2022 saw the sad and sudden loss of David G. Anderson, a great man and friend of many. The void left by David’s passing is significant and felt deeply through the many lives he touched, most notably that of his loving wife, Delande, their two children Nara (Andrew) and Winston, and two granddaughters, Inverness and Ada Munro.

Online one would read that David G. Anderson Books was “open by chance or appointment” and it was with this same lovely sentiment that David and Delande welcomed visitors into their home, the Bethune-Thompson House, one of the oldest of its kind in the province. It was here that David was truly at his best with gracious hospitality mixed with good conversation and a treasure trove of curiosities—all encased in these historic walls.

In the wider community David was an ardent contributor to Glengarry, this wonderful county in which he and Delande came to find themselves in. His work over the years protecting and celebrating the rich heritage of Glengarry led to him, most deservedly, being named as South Glengarry’s Citizen of the Year in 2014. A great many can attest to the generosity of spirit that exemplified David. The only thing that matched the depth of his knowledge was his willingness to share it.

Scholarship Goal
To have known a person like David G. Anderson is a rare and wonderful thing and so it is our goal to ensure that his memory is not forgotten. As such, we have established the David G. Anderson Memorial Scholarship to be awarded to two graduating students each year, one at Glengarry District High School and one at Char-Lan District High School.

With this scholarship we will not only be celebrating the life of David but also celebrating and supporting the learning journey of young scholars. It is in this spirit of generosity and scholarly pursuit that we will keep David’s spirit alive in the community as the years progress. ‘Perseverance’ was the motto of the North West Company and like those that shaped Glengarry, in this too we shall persevere.

Those who knew David were aware that his areas of expertise and interest stretched well beyond the histories he so tirelessly preserved. Because of this, the scholarship will be open to more than just students studying or pursuing history. Instead, the award will go to a student who best emulates David’s passion for knowledge, his enthusiastic curiosity, and his gentle and kind nature. This student should also demonstrate not only an interest in learning but also skill at synthesizing information with the ability to understand and share what they have learnt.

We are confident in the staff at both Char-Lan District High School and Glengarry District High School and their ability to recognize these same qualities in two deserving graduating students.

How to Donate
Donations to The David G. Anderson Scholarship fund can be sent to the Glengarry, Nor’Westers & Loyalist Museum. In hard copy as cheques or cash they can be sent to the physical address below. They can also be sent electronically via e-transfer to [email protected]. When donating, please indicate that the funds are to be allocated towards the scholarship and please also provide your full name and mailing address so that we may issue a tax receipt.

We thank you for your generosity and for helping us in our goal to keep the memory of David preserved in Glengarry.

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