This Week in Local History – March 15, 2023 – The Review Archives

10 Years ago

Bartender helps nab counterfeiter

The Review, March 20, 2013 – LACHUTE – A quick-thinking bartender at the bingo parlour in the Carrefour Argenteuil Shopping Centre in Lachute helped stop a counterfeit operator in his tracks. The bartender became suspicious of what appeared to be a counterfeit bank note which had been passed to him by a customer and called police. Officers were sent to the scene and arrested the man, who had $45,000 in counterfeit bills on his person. By coincidence, the arrest occurred during the first week of Fraud Prevention Month.

25 Years Ago

Relief in sight in faulty foundation lawsuit

The Review, March 18, 1998 – HAWKESBURY – Six years after taking legal action, about 100 area homeowners should soon know if they will be compensated for faulty foundations. Two groups of Prescott-Russell homeowners have sued Bertrand & Frére Construction Co. Ltd., of L’Orignal, Lafarge Canada Inc., and about 100 area forming contractors. The homeowners want the defendants to replace their faulty basements, which have been continually deteriorating since they were poured in 1986 and 1987. The trial is expected to continue into June.

50 Years Ago

Ambulance driver dies at accident scene

The Review, March 21, 1973 – HAWKESBURY – A 49-year-old ambulance driver, trying to help a man injured in a car accident on Hawkesbury’s Main Street, suffered a heart attack and died later in hospital. The driver was called to the west end of Main Street to help a man who had been hit by a car. At the scene, the driver collapsed and was taken to Hawkesbury General Hospital, where he died. The injured pedestrian was driven to the Smith Clinic and later transferred to Ottawa General Hospital, suffering from several fractures.

75 Years Ago

Vankleek Hill girl hit by car

The Review, March 18, 1948 – VANKLEEK HILL – Five-year-old Monique Desjardins suffered a broken collarbone when she was struck by an automobile here Saturday afternoon. The youngster had been sent to the store by her mother shortly after lunch and while returning to her home was hit by a car driven by Ewart Nixon as she crossed Main Street. After treatment at the hospital for her broken collarbone, the child was taken to her home.

100 Years Ago

Black eyes earn $10 fine

The Review, March 16, 1923 – HAWKESBURY – John Darbyson and his two brothers, of Calumet, came to Hawkesbury last week and finding our town pretty dull, the indulged in a little sport by kicking open the door to Mr. McPhadden’s house and blackening the occupant’s eyes. Constables Giroux, Dhaitre and Labelle went to Calumet to invite the trio back to Hawkesbury. Two of them had taken to their heels, but John stayed to face the music. He was on Wednesday fined $10 and costs by Magistrate Lawlor.

125 Years Ago

Hill hockey team accused of cheating

The Review, March 18, 1898 – VANKLEEK HILL – Dear Sir: In the last issue of The Review you advertised Monday’s match as between the Rockland Hockey Team and the Vankleek Hill Juniors. That was not the truth, as you were challenged by the Rockland Juniors. Vankleek Hill sporting men have for some years enjoyed the reputation of being positively incapable of acting with common honesty in their games. Of course, our Junior team was warned beforehand that you intended to play four of your Seniors against them, by people in your town.