It could be described as a patching and pothole partnership.

The village of Grenville has reached an agreement with the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ) for any summertime repairs required on the section of Route 344 within the village limits. Normally, only the provincial transportation department can authorize and perform repairs to its roads. However, Mayor Pierre Thauvette said the village wants to see repairs made to the road. Last spring, there were severe potholes and rough sections along the busy section of Route 344 in Grenville, which is also rue Maple through the busy commercial area leading to the Long Sault Bridge.

Under the agreement reached between the village and the MTQ, the municipal department of public works will make any minor repairs and then submit the bills to the MTQ. Thauvette said the costs will vary.

“It depends on the work that has to be done,” he said.

Path plan

The way forward is becoming clearer for a new recreational path in Grenville.

On March 6, village council adopted a regulation which will allow up to $837,395 to be spent on a newly constructed recreational path connecting rue Queen and rue Maple (Route 344). The path would make it much easier for residents to walk or bicycle to the stores and services located on rue Maple if they are unable—or do not want to drive.

Mayor Pierre Thauvette said the village is still awaiting word from the federal government about funding that would cover 60 per cent of the cost of the new recreational path.

Work began in 2022 on the entrance to the path from rue Queen.