Mother Nature is once again keeping us on our toes, giving us a spring tease. A taste of the warmer weather we look forward to every spring.

Talk of tapping trees has begun, people are out walking or running, enjoying the sunshine. Little Farmers splashing in every mud puddle they come across. A great break from the deep freeze we had a few weeks ago, but still way too soon There are so many winter activities left to do, but every year winters seem to be getting shorter and we run out of time to do the activities we want to do.

As I go down memory lane, looking back at pictures from my younger days, thoughts of countless hours spent snowmobiling, sliding and building snow forts in the back fields fill my heart. Memories of family get togethers, skating on the pond behind the farm, or in the field beside the house. Afternoons filled with bonfires, hot chocolate, hotdogs and of course marshmallows. It seemed like every year we were able to experience these activities throughout the whole winter, rather than trying to fit them all into a few weeks. If we’re even lucky enough to get the cold and snow we need to fully enjoy winter activities. Times are changing and the weather changes right along with them.

During some self-reflection and reading for personal development, I came across this quote “Now is all there ever is”. I find myself constantly wishing the weather to be more like it used to be – for winter to be more consistent. If we don’t have time to fit in the activities we want to do, or the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll put it off for another weekend, hopeful the weather will change for the better. Usually, it doesn’t.

I get frustrated when I don’t get to make the same kind of memories with my little farmer that I have from my childhood. I’m always wishing for more, or dwelling on what we’re missing out on. The previously mentioned quote enlightened me to the fact that we can’t spend our time wishing for what we’ve had in the past, or stressing over things we can’t control in our future. Our NOW is what should have our full attention.

Be grateful for the activities we can do in the weather we are given, even if you have to come up with new ways of having fun. Enjoy the warmer weather while it’s here. Don’t curse at it, wishing it was snowing instead of raining. Don’t wish the warm weather back when the cold returns and the ground glitters with a snowy beauty again. We only live once, so enjoy every second of your here and now. Play along with the spring tease, but don’t change your attitude when it gets cold again.

The weather may not be consistent enough to be able to get as much snowmobiling or outdoor skating in, like it used to, but staying in the house and moping about it doesn’t do anyone any good. Get out and do what you can, while you can, because “Now is all there ever is”. Make the most of your now and turn every moment into a good moment, no matter what gets thrown your way.

See the positive in every situation. Choose to live your best life and make the most of every random spring tease and deep freeze, Mother Nature sends our way!