The good mood was palpable during festivities marking the 25th anniversary of l’école secondaire publique Le Sommet, in Hawkesbury, on February 15. The whole school community was gathered to celebrate in style, with hockey, improvisation and lots of fun on the agenda.

The day started with a hockey game, where students of different levels faced the team of teachers. Cheers were heard loud and clear from the packed stands. The teachers won all three periods. The victory was not easy – agility prevailed over speed!

Several activities took place in parallel, including an improvisation game where the current team, Les Zouaves, faced former members of the improvisation team. The big winners? The seniors, under the eyes of a packed room of partisan students, who enjoyed the game from start to finish.

Official ceremony and celebrations

To close the day of activities, dignitaries, partners, staff members and students gathered in the gymnasium for an official ceremony. Through speeches and artistic acts by the students, the past, present and future of the school intersected in a festive atmosphere.

“Since l’école secondaire publique Le Sommet opened its doors, its school community has continued to grow. Today, the school has more than 400 students. This growth testifies to the confidence placed in our school and the quality of the education offered there,” said school counselor Gilles Fournier, also a founding member of the school, who has been a school counselor since the very beginning.

Jean-Louis Diamond, the first school principal, 25 years ago, and Gilles Bélanger, the first teacher, completed the trio of builders of Le Sommet public secondary school. The three were present at the ceremony and a plaque in their honor was installed at the entrance to the school.

Left to right: Guy Bélanger, Le Sommet’s first teacher; Gilles Fournier, school counsellor; and Jean-Louis Diamond, Le Sommet’s first principal, were honoured as founders of the school at the February 15 ceremony. Submitted Photo