Plans are being made for three significant roadwork projects in Brownsburg-Chatham during 2023.

At the municipal council meeting on January 10, three regulations were introduced to authorize spending for rehabilitation work, on montée La Branche, chemin de la Carrière, and chemin Dalesville Sud.

According to Director-General Jean-François Brunet, Brownsburg-Chatham received a government grant in 2022 for work on montée la Branche. Work will include resurfacing and reducing safety hazards on the road. The grant will cover 45 per cent of the cost of the project, but the municipality must pay the remaining 55 per cent. The total cost of the project is $2,557,800.

Mayor Kévin Maurice described montée La Branche as an important road for the municipality, because it connects Autoroute 50 to Brownsburg.

The motion to introduce the regulation to authorize spending the funds for roadwork on montée La Branche was moved by District 5 Councillor Marilou Laurin, whose district includes the road.

A motion to introduce a regulation permitting $968,960 be spent for road work on chemin de la Carrière was moved by District 4 Councillor Martine Renaud.

The cost of planned improvements to chemin Dalesville Sud is $379,050. The motion to introduce the regulation permitting the expense was made by District 1 Councillor Pierre Baril.

Council will give final approval to the regulations permitting the expenses for the road work projects at a future meeting.