The start of a new year always brings resolutions, goal setting and mindset changing for many people. It brings the desire for a new you. It is the perfect opportunity to reset after a holiday season filled with yummy treats, endless meals and spirits. As much as we all enjoy these goodies, we often reach a point where too much is too much and it is time to reset.

Deciding you want to exercise more or create healthier eating habits is the easy part. Executing your goals and maintaining those new habits is the harder part. They say it takes roughly 66 days to form a habit. I usually end up giving up on my resolution goals two weeks in to January. Negative thoughts begin to creep in; ‘Is it really making a difference? Is it worth the extra effort needed for planning healthier meals? I can’t make time in the day for a workout or a quiet walk outside, there’s too much on my to-do list.’ It is easy to let negative thoughts fill our minds, especially when we put so much pressure on ourselves to create a “New You”. Perhaps this is where the issue lies.

Our mind is our most powerful tool. If we figure out how to use it to our advantage, we can accomplish anything. Changing our goal-setting mindset from “creating a new me” to “I want to create a better me”, relieves some of the pressure to be perfect. No one is perfect, we all slip up constantly, nothing will ever change that, but if we pride ourselves on the little accomplishments and steps we take towards our bigger goals, then we will see more positive progress. Don’t chide yourself when you sneak that cookie, congratulate yourself for eating the extra vegetables first. Every little change is one step closer to becoming a better you!

A new year isn’t just about setting healthy habit goals. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming one. Those goals may be the need for a career change, planning a family trip or that big house reno project you’ve been wanting to finish. In the agriculture social media world, it was apparently ‘Succession Planning Appreciation Day’ not too long ago. One of the most challenging goals for a multigenerational farm family is to create a succession plan. A plan to determine how the farm will pass on from one generation to the next… peacefully; hopefully.

A new year resolution for many of these families often is to at least begin the conversation for transition. It’s not something that can happen overnight, and often takes years to follow through with, but the most important goal to set, is beginning the conversations. Having a goal to plan and look forward to is a great way to motivate you to make little changes everyday. Instead of going to Tim Horton’s for coffee take that 3$ and put it in a money jar. Set dates, so you have a timeline to work with. All these little actions help you achieve success.

No matter what your career, lifestyle or home environment may be, the excitement of a new year should create motivation for changes you’d like to see for yourself and your environment. You may not achieve your goals right away, but the important part is starting the process. Make use of the many resources out there and choose to want to make a change. Tell yourself, “I GET to go to work or clean the house today”, instead of “I HAVE to”.

Mindset is everything. Begin now! Be the change you want to see in yourself and the world around you!