The Alfred Food Bank is hoping the sale of its former building will help raise funds for the organization.

According to Co-President Raymond Bouchard, the food bank consolidated moved out of its building at 344 St-Philippe Street more than two years ago, and relocated to the former Phoenix Foundation building nearby, at 330 St-Philippe Street. Previously, the food storage and distribution activities were located at 344 St-Philippe and the thrift shop was located in the basement of St-Victor church. The move allowed the food bank to consolidate all of its activities in one place.

Now, 344 St-Philippe is listed for sale with an asking price of $199,500.

Bouchard said selling the vacant building will help replenish the food bank’s treasury.

“We basically emptied our coffers to buy the new place here,” he commented. “We need to have some money in the bank to be able to continue.”

A need for more volunteers

The Alfred Food Bank serves almost all of the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet, except for part of the village of Plantagenet and the area to the south, which is instead served by the Riceville Food Bank. In 2022, the Alfred Food Bank received 341 visits, representing 499 people. Most of the clients during the previous year were single people, but there were also many couples, Bouchard said.

The food bank in Alfred has no paid staff and relies entirely on volunteers to organize and provide its services. Bouchard said there is a core group of about 12 people who volunteer regularly.

“We’re always in need of more volunteers,” said Co-President Diane Sauvé.

Clients at the Alfred Food Bank usually receive a box of items designed to meet their needs for a minimum of three days. Bouchard said efforts are always made to ensure the items given to clients offer a healthy, balanced diet. The food bank uses its finances to purchase fresh items like dairy, produce, and meat products.

“We buy a fair amount of what we need,” Bouchard said.

To contact the Alfred Food Bank, call 613-679-4269 or email [email protected].