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10 Years ago

Forgotten documents found in manse safe

The Review, December 12, 2012 – DALKEITH – There’s a mystery in Dalkeith. A set of mysterious documents was recently found in the safe that was previously located in the manse adjacent to St. Paul’s chapel. The manse was demolished when no one came forward to purchase the priest’s house from the Dalkeith Historical Society. When a combination number written on a wall was discovered, the safe was opened and sure enough documents were found – and not just a few. Twenty-four years’ worth of marriage, birth and death certificates dating from 1947-1988.

25 Years Ago

No quick fix for rusty water woes

The Review, December 10, 1997 – VANKLEEK HILL – A combination of new water and old water lines has left some Vankleek Hill residents with rusty water problems. “We’re already paying for water from the town, but on some days it’s so rusty all you can do is put it on the plants,” says 77-year-old Pearl Street resident Don Wright. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for the coloured water. Although Vankleek Hill has a new feeder line from Hawkesbury, the town’s pipes have not been changed. Accumulated iron sediment continues to be stirred up and appears in the form of rust-coloured water.

50 Years Ago

Sinclair Supply to demolish old Hawkesbury Public School

The Review, December 6, 1972 – HAWKESBURY – Sinclair Supply Co. has signed an agreement to tear down the old Hawkesbury Public School. The work is to be completed by August 30, 1973. The new school at Pleasant Corners continues to be improved. The new folding gym divider should be ready for installation at Prescott County Public School within a day or so.

75 Years Ago

Hawkesbury fire chief killed in apartment block fire

The Review, December 11,1947 – HAWKESBURY – Trapped by flames that swept through a two-story Main Street general store and apartment block here at 3:45 a.m., Fire Chief A. Cayen, 46, of the Hawkesbury Fire Department, was killed. Eight occupants of the building narrowly escaped with their lives. Firemen, who succeeded in saving a small part of the contents of the upstairs apartments, did not see Chief Cayen when he went into the building for the last time and only sometime later realized he was missing. After the fire was extinguished and a search was undertaken, the chief’s body was found in the blackened wreckage of what had been a second-floor sunroom at the back of the building.

A black and white clipping from the Review Newspaper Archives. Shows two  photos taken at a special ceremony which took place in Parliament Hill for the Queen’s Jubilee Medals from Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. People in first photo include: MP Pierre Lemieux, Jean Poirier, Rene Bertrand, Bill Connors,Bonnie Jean-Louis, Paula Assaly. People in second photo include: Bruce Barton, Wanda Kaluzny, Blanche Putzel, Horace Nixon and Yves Descoeurs.
Photo and cutlines from the December 12, 2012 edition of The Review. Photo: Review Archives

100 Years Ago

Concerts received from around the universe

The Review, December 8, 1922 – VANKLEEK HILL – Mr. J. A. Robertson, of Home Avenue in Vankleek Hill, recently installed a brand new Westinghouse radio receiver. He is now nightly receiving concerts, etc., from different parts of the universe.

125 Years Ago

Progress made in burnt out South Indian

The Review, December 10, 1897 – SOUTH INDIAN – I was rather surprised to see that so much progress in building has been made in South Indian compared with Casselman, although nearly three times as many dwelling houses were consumed by the recent fire in the latter than in the former village. Not only are the new dwellings more numerous and much nearer completion, but they are decidedly superior to a good many of the ‘shacks’ which are at Casselman being fitted for human occupation.

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