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The Review is all about history. From the very first page that we published in 1893, to the edition that we just published last week. We always fill our paper with important news and stories that matter to you.

Over time, the way we write about what’s happening in the region has changed. And so, even that is part of our history – and it’s worth preserving.

Beyond preservation, imagine if you could search through all the years of The Review to find current events of the time, birth and death notices, your grad photos, the awards you won and so much more!

Our e-paper subscribers have access to the past three months of The Review and then, when an edition is three months old, it is moved into our bigger archive, joining our older editions.

During the past 28 years, we have invested in microfilming and doing the Archiving work completed until 1922. We want to ensure that this newspaper continues on into the future, serving the community and doing so in sustainable ways.

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