Changes to zoning regulations in Grenville mean more residential development will be permitted in parts of the village.

On November 7, council gave third and final reading to a regulation which expands the type of housing which may be built on a vacant tract of land north of Rue Queen and between rue Davidson and Rue Maple (Route 344). The change allows for single family, duplex, triplex, and multifamily dwelling structures to be built on the site. The area was previously zoned as residential R-105 and R-106.

The new regulation has enlarged the area under the R-105 designation. The regulation was first introduced on August 8 and first reading approval granted by council on that date. A mandatory public consultation was held on October 3 and council also gave the regulation second reading approval at that time.

Council also approved second reading to a regulation which, if completely approved, will permit single family, multifamily, business, restaurant and accommodation, and institutional uses in the area of Grenville presently designated as V-705 and C-801 (commercial). The new designation will be Mix-207. The required public consultation was also held on November 7. The proposed regulation was introduced and given first reading approval by village council on October 3.

Storm sewer work

On November 7, Grenville village council also approved changes to storm sewer work which will be done along 1ère and 2e avenue. Additional pipe elbows are required. The total cost of the project is estimated at $100,000.