Colleagues, family, and friends gathered to show appreciation for 2022 United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) Warden Daniel Lafleur on Saturday, November 19.

The 2022 Warden’s Banquet was attended by 208 guests and was held at the J.R. Brisson Complex in Casselman, where until recently, Lafleur had also served as the municipality’s mayor.

The 2022 J-P St-Pierre Award was awarded to Robert and Louise Deguire in recognition of their community involvement over the past 25 years. The award is given each year to a UCPR citizen in recognition of their contributions to community service. The award is named in honour of late Russell Township Mayor J-P St-Pierre, who passed away in 2014.

The Warden’s Award is presented annually to a municipal employee in recognition of their hard work and outstanding contribution and professionalism to the community of Prescott and Russell and to their colleagues. This year’s recipient is UCPR Health and Safety Program Administrator Marie-Claude Lafleur.

During the evening, UCPR Council paid tribute to former Director of Public Works Marc Clermont, who passed away last September 2022 following a long illness. UCPR Chief Administrative Officer Stéphane Parisien, highlighted Clermont’s contribution to the region during his 27-year career with the UCPR.

Funds raised at the Warden’s Banquet as well as the Warden’s Golf Tournament held earlier in June will be distributed to local non-profit organizations at the Inauguration Ceremony for the next Warden, which will take place in L’Orignal on Wednesday, November 23.