Alicia Heinzle, Children and Youth Librarian, Champlain Library

The Witch’s Heart, by Genevieve Gornichec

The author of The Witch’s Heart, Genevieve Gornichec, studied history, with a focus on Norse myths and Icelandic sagas. This is evident in her first novel, as she takes us through a detailed depiction of the love story between the witch, Angrboda, and the trickster god, Loki, from Norse mythology.

The term ‘love story’ should be taken lightly, as there are as many curses and betrayals as there are moments of passion and loyalty. I was captivated with this tale, as I am interested in Norse mythology, and because I was not familiar with this portrayal.

Fired on a love that was forbidden, Angrboda debates her love for Loki, but thrives on keeping her three unusual children safe from Odin and other gods. This journey introduces both new and popular characters and creatures.

I highly recommend this title to anyone, whether you have background knowledge on this ideology or not. This anecdote had me yearning for more surrounding the subject. Gornichec painted a vivid image of Angrdoba and her trials. I have decided to check out Neil Gaiman’s Norse mythology novel next, as I am intrigued to explore more.

Book review by Alicia Heinzle, Children’s and Youth Services Librarian – About Me: I am a huge Marvel movies fan. I have recently re-watched several films to see what was pulled from the mythological tales and what targeted the Hollywood appeal (and I am sure, annoying my family about it as well).

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