Finally! My favourite season of the year is officially here! I love everything about fall; the colour changes, sweater weather, and even stressful harvest season. There are so many changes and holidays to look forward to before the cold and snow come.

The harvest moon came out to play again at the beginning of the month and wow! It did not disappoint! Such a beautiful way to begin the start of the season of remembering to feel blessed and thankful – and, of course, a spooky season. When the moon came out big and mighty – the neighbours’ silos forming black silhouettes against its orange beauty – it was impossible to not stop and stare. Many mornings, still beautiful and orange, but more distant in the sky, the misty clouds would surround it, casting an eerie glow onto the early morning. With mist creeping into the barn, it felt more like a spooky Halloween morning, rather than the beginning of September. A perfect start to a month of season change.

Social media is full of families getting out on the weekends for apple picking, and soon fields will be full of adorable little pumpkins having fun in pumpkin patches. Pumpkin spice lattes are the talk of the coffee world and houses and bakeries are filled with the smells of cinnamon, crisp apples and pumpkin pie – and it’s only the end of September. My mouth waters at the thought of the smells and tastes Thanksgiving weekend will bring. I love taking Sunday drives this time of year to see all of the creative fall displays on people’s lawns and porches. It brings a smile to my face every time. I think I love fall decorations even more than Christmas ones! (Shhh… don’t tell Santa).

Full moons are amazing to look at, but in many folk tales they are said to sometimes bring mystery, chaos, or misfortunes. Photo: Laura Barton

However fall is not only pumpkin spice and everything nice. With it also comes many stresses, long , and hard work. Full moons are amazing to look at, but in many folk tales they are said to sometimes bring mystery, chaos, or misfortunes. This month’s full moon was no exception. With it came along three unexpected calvings in one night and two more in the next two days, a wild three-year-old, and a few other headaches which many would blame on the full moon.

September also means corn silage, and soybean prep. We made it through planting season, hay season, wheat and now it’s time to prepare for harvesting the rest of the crops. Soybeans are drying up, turning brown, and losing leaves. The rush to get corn silage done before the first major frost is on. The landscapes around us are no longer lush and green. It’s time to say goodbye to summer and anticipate the brown, yellows, reds and other magnificent colours of fall.

As work begins to get crazy again, it is now more important than ever to remember to embrace every chance we get to pause and take the time to soak in the beauty of nature around us. Make time to go for walks with your family, look up into the clouds and see the sun trying to peek through.

Stressful days are right around the corner – if you haven’t turned it already – but remind yourself that “no matter how dark the cloud may be, remember the sun is always bright behind it, looking for ways to shine through!” (unknown).

Happy Fall!