To the Editor:

It is good to elicit a response to the written word. What else are words for?

I mentioned the power(s) of conviction but left out the morality; the right and the wrong. The virtue. Those aspects are often only seen clearly in hindsight and are deeply personal.

Can anyone state that she/he lives without convictions? The defense of vaccine policies show a conviction that these shots have value, which is personal choice and duly accepted. I say that everyone holds convictions of one stripe or another. Mostly these go without being tested in a trial of fire.

What of that trial of fire? Such as being coerced into unwillingly taking injections to allow work and travel and visiting loved ones but brings with them the loss of something more precious than physical life itself: deeply held conviction. “What profit a man to gain the world but lose his Soul?” in the words of one who was once much respected. Buffoonery? What could be more precious than a few more days of this life? For some, the fall from Grace.

As to the Great Reset. No social media needed to learn of that plan/conspiracy. ‘Covid 19 The Great Reset’ is the title of one of Mr. Claus Schwab’s books. Build back better is the theme. When the world’s most powerful individuals gather to advance a one-world, one-currency, one-government agenda which has roots at least as far back as Cecil Rhodes, is that conspiracy? For certain those who meet within the World Economic Forum and The Club of Rome are working with theory because nothing on this scale has ever come to fruition.

Another of Mr. Schwab’s books is titled, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Worth a glance since it lays out the basis for artificial intelligence to take over much of what humans now perform. This also is theory for it relies on technology which is still evolving. As guide in this direction the WEF has engaged Mr. Yuval Noah Harari. Listen to him describe their vision of the future for what he terms “useless people” once AI is established. How they envision human consciousness interconnecting with the ‘cloud’ (as in the computing cloud) and how their new god in the ‘cloud’ will replace the old God above the clouds. Is it conspiracy to cook up such heinous schemes or conspiracy theory to mention them?

“How, exactly, was the world before the pandemic such a wonderful place for anyone anywhere other than the Global North?”, was the question. I do not know about wonderful but better than now for some. This example: Places which lost their tourism were better off before. Small communities in central America suffered when no one came. Market vendors, Indigenous craft creators, small businesses suddenly had no income. San Marcos de Laguna on lake Atitlan, Guatemala, was a thriving hub of spirituality and tradition, was decimated by lack of traffic.

In defense of “cherry picking”. Remaining within The Review’s guidelines requires some brevity.

Gordon Fraser