On Saturday, September 3, many visitors enjoyed discussing with some of the Filles du Roy, who were there – in period costumes – for the opening of the Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre exhibition ‘Les drapeaux des Filles du Roy’.

All members of the Société d’histoire des Filles du Roy (SHFR), these volunteers were happy to answer questions and enlighten everyone on these Mothers of the French-Canadian Nation, whose reputation has been distorted or plainly forgotten through history. Guests were also fascinated by the 172 handmade banners, displaying the names of many large French-Canadian families, including many local ones.

“We are particularly proud of this collaboration with the Société d’histoire des Filles du Roy,” explains Sylvie Bouchard, Arbor Gallery’s Board President. “It allows us to present a fresh look onto these strong women that have been forgotten and misrepresented through history. Our visitors leave here inspired and eager to learn more about them.”

The exhibit runs until September 25 at the gallery. The Ouimet Farm Adventures installation will be presented until October 23 on Sundays.

On September 11 – the SHFR presents a genealogy and information day at Ouimet Farm.

Founded in 2010, the Société d’histoire des Filles du Roy aims to give them back the place they deserve in the history of the French-Canadian Nation. More information can be found at www.lesfillesduroy-quebec.org.

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