Forests Ontario and its partners planted 2.5 million native tree seedlings across the province during the 2022 season, including just under 100,000 in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, as part of its 50 Million Tree Program. This brings Forests Ontario’s program total to 36.7 million trees planted, creating more than 18,000 hectares of new forest on nearly 7,000 project sites.

“The help of our planting partners was key to Forests Ontario achieving this planting milestone,” says Rob Keen, Chief Executive Officer of Forests Ontario, and Registered Professional Forester. “The generous support of individual donors, corporate sponsors, and the Government of Canada has been critical to our success this year and will remain essential as we work with our provincial and national partners to plant more and more trees each year.”

Including 2022, more than 750,000 trees have been planted in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell through the 50 Million Tree program. Forests Ontario’s province-wide network of planting partners work closely with local landowners to develop site-specific plans and plant the right trees in the right places for the right reasons. These newly planted trees will help fight the impacts of climate change, provide flood protection, purify water systems, and improve wildlife habitat and biodiversity. Landowners who want to learn more about the 50 Million Tree Program and sign up for the 2023 planting season should visit

“83 per cent of the total hectares planted under the 50 Million Tree Program are thriving and already sequestering significant amounts of carbon,” says Elizabeth Celanowicz, Chief Operating Officer of Forests Ontario. “Creating healthy, new forests is one of the most effective, nature-based solutions in combating climate change impacts. Healthy forests not only cleanse our air and water, but also provide natural green spaces that boost recreational opportunities and help improve our health and well-being.”

To support the creation of new forests, take initiative on climate change, and learn more about Forests Ontario’s tree planting programs, education initiatives and community outreach, visit