To the Editor:

A while back, a lady named Sue got a Mother Earth Parade together in Vankleek Hill; her art work was fabulous. To the people who showed up to walk on Mother Earth for Mother Earth, great job and I truly believe she appreciated it.

Next on Earth Day, I went out on Highway 34 to my spot for the day. I was there maybe an hour when a car pulled up on the other side of the road and yelled, “You’re wrong; it was perfect.” I thought we took care of that, but I guess not. Let me guess… you went to the convoy occupation on a Saturday or Sunday around noon, everyone was milling around maybe had a couple of beers, or a joint and were in the moment of la-la land, but were you there in the first week and a half when the trucks were running all night and the horns blaring into the morning? Let’s not forget the fireworks. I don’t think so.

There was nothing legal or peaceful about that occupation, nothing at all! It achieved nothing and just the Ottawa protest cost the country $37 million, not counting the Ambassador Bridge, or the other U.S. border crossing. Do you have any idea how much help all the money could have brought to Ukraine and Afghan refugees who have lost everything? I’m pretty sure most of the protesters had a place to go home to and probably a job. The people coming here have nothing but the shirts on their back. All the convoy did was abuse the right to protest in the greatest country of the world. Just in passing, they’re still looking for $3 million of support that just seemed to vanish.

I can see why they continue to come back. Question Period had the interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen state how she backed the convoy, an all legal and peaceful protest. I guess we all have an idea of what is legal and peaceful. Holding the people of Ottawa hostage for 23 days and stopping God knows how many hundreds of people from going to work and making an honest living is not my idea of legal or peaceful.

You freedom protesters say you have no freedom… try doing a 23-day protest in some other countries, which define freedom differently and where it might last 23 minutes. Maybe, after that– you’d be either shot or arrested and put in a prison to be re-educated for 10 or 15 years. You have no idea just how good you have it and there’s no changing your mind because you’re down a propaganda-laced rabbit hole filled with lies and deception and the people who write all this crap are often from other countries and their only job is to convince Canadians that their country is no good and not to trust our government, politicians and our journalists in hope that Canadians will then do all they can to destroy and destabilize the country from the inside out.

The people who write this propaganda are about a hundred times smarter than the people who read it and take it in, hook, line and sinker. They not only know what to say, but also how to say it where some people will take it as gospel truth, when there’s not a drop of truth to any of it.

Let’s talk about vaccination. I went to visit someone I’ve known for years. He was really pissed off at me for the article I wrote where I said if you were not vaccinated and got sick, don’t go to the hospital, go home, if you die you die. I meant every word.

Why do we get vaccinated? I hate getting vaccinated. I got a flu shot once. I was sick as a dog. I never got another. But this pandemic was different. It was global and to get vaccinated was a way to stop the virus, but also to protect other people around me; the elderly, people receiving cancer treatment whose immune system is trashed and to others whose immune systems are weak.

That’s where the tree and the shadow comes in. We all have a dark side, but we should always try and let the light shine through. However, due to social media, the non-vaccinated and convoy people have another illness; it’s called Me Me Me. They truly care for no one but themselves and that was made clearer to me. As for trying to talk to non-vaccinateded or convoy people, save your breath. They are so far down the rabbit hole, there’s no way back for them. This is their lot in life forever. It’s not like they can unplug, delete and reboot. That’s totally out of the question. They will remain defiant, angry and alone adding to the destruction of our healthcare system and the burning out of our warriors in health care, our doctors, nurses and other health care workers who have given their all over the last two years and some have the strength and tenacity to continue on. Our health care services are holding on by a thread and I believe we should do all we can to stay healthy and if that entails vaccinating, then why not?

Addiction to social media and the electronic world should be watched very carefully, because in some cases, it can take your soul – removing any kindness, love and compassion and leaving a dark, empty hole where there was once a heart.

Time to run like a buffalo and let the light shine through.

Good luck to us all,

Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill