It’s the little things in life which tend to make us smile. Little things which are unique to every individual. They can make a huge difference in our day, even if others do not notice them.

Weeding the garden and flowerbeds to many are a chore and a nuisance. For me, it is a relaxing passtime – an opportunity to get lost in my thoughts or to simply clear my head and listen to all the sounds around me. Clearing dead branches around the back fence line – an area we rarely frequent – fills me with pride and accomplishment. No one else will know that it is now possible to walk behind the old shed, but I know, and that’s a little thing that makes me proud. Tending to our property, completing projects others may never realize needed to be done, may be tasks that I won’t get thanked for, but it’s these little accomplishments that put a smile on my face.

Sun rays shine bright through breaks in the clouds on what was predicted to be a gloomy, rainy day. It is as if the heavens are smiling down on us. Finally, a warm breeze blows hair around my face; a reminder that warmer weather will be here eventually. As the weather slowly begins to warm up, farmers are starting to get antsy – eager to begin seeding. Others may be dreading it, not ready to rush into the long hours and less time spent with family. Planting season is never an easy time of year, especially for young families and relationships, but it is essential. We depend on a plentiful crop as income and therefore must ensure our seeds are planted at the opportune time.

Appreciating the little things in life is important during these extra stressful and busy periods. Rolling around on the wet ground for ten minutes, laughing and playing with your little one, or enjoying the sounds of laughter as one tickles the other with his long beard, are priceless moments which can create the strongest memories. Don’t shoo away your little ones when they want to play catch, no matter how busy you may be. Their attention span only lasts a few minutes before they move on to their next adventure, so take advantage of those short moments of play time. Those five minutes can seem like such a minor part of your day, but they can also have the strongest impact on the memories we will hold on to forever.

As we head into planting season, don’t shy away from an embrace from a loved one, or pass up on an opportunity to take lunch to the field. A two-second hug or kiss and a five-minute lunch date are little things which mean more than hours spent at a restaurant eating too much food and spending too much money. We may think we need to go out on fancy dates or far away trips to enjoy quality time together, but sometimes the simplest of gestures can mean the world to someone – more so than an expensive gift or trip. Taking a turn doing some everyday household chores, or completing a project on the to-do list can be enough to turn someone’s day around.

It’s the little things in life that make us smile. Choose to recognize them and take advantage of them. Soak in every soft, excited, “Good morning Mommy, I love you”, because someday our little ones will be too ‘cool’ to say it.

Soaking in these moments can be enough to shine light into our hearts, lighten our steps and bring extra joy to our souls. Many moments can have a positive impact on our day if you simply choose to let them!