A nation divided is a nation conquered. Judging from recent opinions published in this paper, if these attitudes can be taken as any kind of cross country metric, Canada is doomed. Folks holding disdain and expressing vitriol against fellow Canadians. Vaxxed feeling threatened by the un-vaxxed. Freedom convoy members being called names I will not repeat here, and condescending attitudes towards low paid cogs in the machine. Cui bono? Who benefits in such a situation? Certainly not Canada as a country united. Divided, we fall.

The Canadian trucker convoy, for all the faults laid upon it, began a momentum which has not stopped to this day. Flags flew seemingly everywhere across Canada. Giant Canadian and American flags were carried by large crowds across the Brooklyn bridge. The maple leaf flew spontaneously in New Zealand and Australia, France, Germany, Austria and many more places. American truckers organized their own convoy from California to DC, To “support our Canadian brothers and sisters”, in the words of that effort. As of writing this convoy, a reported 30 miles long, is circling DC on the Beltway. The Canadian flag flies there, too.

The world came awake and acted. Alberta dropped restrictions and other provinces are following. The UK lifted all COVID measures and California downgraded the disease from pandemic to endemic. Iceland not only lifted all restrictions but openly advises that everyone should get infected and get over it. On Friday, March 3, the day the truckers arrived in Maryland, the US Senate voted to end the COVID-19 Emergency Act, which is/was the demand of the convoy; mission accomplished with no confrontations. The panic narrative appears to be heading into the rear view mirror.

A big part of humanity is made up of low paid cogs in the machine. To more than a few, money is not the number one reason for doing what they do; pride in the doing holds that position. To assume that these people are somehow ignorant is way off base. Take the long-haul trucker as example: Clean criminal and driving records required and no drugs. In charge and responsible for moving literally everything from life saving to trivial from place to place over every stretch of road in the country under all conditions. Being able to back that load into tight spaces under pressure, even B trains, and have it all done on time and safely. To anyone who believes it is a job for a simpleton – you try it.

Now Canada has chosen sides in a confrontation – the seriousness of which has not been seen since the Cuban missile crisis. Inflation is running rampant and shortages are almost inevitable. We could well be needing each other’s individual talents on a very personal scale soon, in a world where fiat money has lost all value. Not the best time to be spreading animosity. Save that for later when nuclear warheads are not pointing in our direction.

Gordon Fraser

William Fraser