After 30 years of woodcarving, as a sculptor and as a teacher, seasoned artist André Breau decided to explore clay as an alternative medium to wood. What he found pleased him.

Relief is integral part of paintings for sculptor artist André Breau, as in his piece ‘Violin Man’. Submitted Photo

“Clay sculpting is the opposite of wood sculpting,” Breau explains. “With clay, the medium can be built up, whereas with wood, the medium is extracted.”

According to the artist, this opened more options for creation. He now blends clay sculpting and painting, allowing him to create artwork with an enhanced illusion of depth, through light and shadow effects, textures, and a harmonious flow of colours.

As a sculptor, Breau seeks a three-dimensional effect and as such many of his paintings include relief. He either sculpts the relief onto the canvas and paints afterwards – as in his piece ‘Violin Man’ – or chooses to paint first, with relief added afterwards. Breau also creates vases and other objects. He calls this “molding the earth into art”. The end result is whimsical and unique.

Beau’s current exhibition at the Arbor Gallery, ‘A Perspective in Ceramic Art’, is a collection of pieces which have been created on a clay slab and then fired in a bisque kiln.

“My goal with this collection of art is to bring attention to this interesting and satisfying medium of expression, with the hope that others may develop the desire to explore it,” Breau explains.

The exhibition runs at the gallery until March 27. Visitors are invited to meet the artist on Saturday March 5, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Gallery welcomes 2021 Canadian Folk Awards Nominee Sussex

Launching its Intimate Concerts series, Arbor Gallery welcomes Sussex, Michael Emenau and Rob Lutes on March 29.

Self-described as vibrafolk music – a combination of vibraphone, guitar and singing – the duo receives praise everywhere they perform. The concert takes place on March 29 and is presented by Saken Music’s Ken Duff, coordinator of the series for the gallery. Information can be found on Saken Music’s and Arbor Gallery’s Facebook pages.

Entrepreneurs launched Black dolls production to foster inclusion

Born in Cameroon, Quebec’s Gaëtan Etoga joined forces with fellow Cameroonian Yannick Nguepdjop, to launch production of Black and mixed races dolls by founding YMMA (which means Strong Woman). Producing affordable and original Black and mixed-race dolls, its mission: to help Black and mixed-race children feel more seen, and proud of their origin.

Etoga will be the gallery’s guest on Saturday, March 19, in the afternoon. Dolls will be available on site. Info at and on Facebook.

Located in the heart of Vankleek Hill, at 36 Home Avenue, the Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre welcomes visitors Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 4 p.m.

Launching its Intimate Concerts series, Arbor Gallery welcomes Sussex on March 29. Submitted Photo