To the Editor:

Re: China creating North American chaos

I read the letter ‘China creating North American chaos’ in the February 23 edition of The Review. The letter was well written, to the point and I must say echoes my concerns as to the way things are going in this country.

Then the wheels fell off the cart. The writer went from taking an objective look at the current problem we have here – supply chain issues, cost of property and so on – then turned it into a personal attack on anyone attached to the freedom convoy. Now, first let me say that I thought the convoy protesters had made their point, but when it went from a demonstration to an occupation, it went too far. I also did not support the blocking of trade routes. Just to be clear.

One thing I didn’t see: outrage at the pipeline blockades – the 59-day blockade that was violent. Or how about the recent attack on another pipeline company, where millions of dollars of damage happened and workers were threatened? Also violent. The writer singles out a peaceful group and calls them unCanadian, but fails to mention the other attacks on our economy. I believe – or rather using the writer’s own words, convinced – that this outrage is solely directed at the people with whom he does not agree.

Final thought, and I quote here. “As far as I’m convinced, these people who scream ‘Freedom’ for Canada are the real bottom of the barrel: cold, heartless, callous and the complete opposite of what being a Canadian truly is.”

This is as ugly as any statement I have ever heard come from right-wing extremists. So I hope you don’t think that you should be the example of what Canadian values should be, as you fall well short.

With respect,
Dave Jones