The former Mayor of Hawkesbury asked a question at the January 24 council meeting that could not be answered by the present Mayor. 

On November 26, 2021, Mayor Paula Assaly announced she was ceasing legal proceedings former municipal Integrity Commissioner John Saywell and indirectly, the town following an investigation done by Saywell. Assaly’s appeal to the Divisional Court was terminated through an injunction relief process which resulted in her agreeing to reimburse $35,000 in legal costs to the municipality. 

During the Question Period of the January 24, 2022, council meeting, former Mayor Jeanne Charlebois, whom Assaly defeated in the 2018 election, submitted a written question asking if, or when Assaly has paid the amount. 

“Has Madame Assaly paid the $35,000 to the Town of Hawkesbury? What is the due date to pay this amount?” asked Charlebois in a question read by Clerk Miriam Longtin. 

“I’m not going to respond to the question,” Assaly replied. 

According to Part V of the Town of Hawkesbury’s Rules of Procedures By-Law, there are indications that Charlebois’ question could not be answered due to the subject matter. 

“Questions pertaining to personal files, litigation matters, insurance claims and subjects discussed in-camera, matters beyond the municipality’s jurisdiction, accusations and complaints against an individual including a member of council or staff shall be inadmissible,” states the by-law.