To the Editor:

I recently noted with interest, approval and some concern, the decision by the Government of Quebec to restrict access to their liquor (SAQ) and cannabis retail outlets to those who could show proof of full vaccination. My interest was due to their being right next door and my approval was due to my thinking that with the number of cases of COVID skyrocketing and the unvaccinated, by their selfishness, ensuring this crisis would continue, Québec had to do something.

My concern, however, was from the fallout. Starting on January 18, all those unvaccinated Québec residents are going to swarm across the border and from Ottawa to Cornwall (and of course, right here in Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill and Alfred) use our LCBO and other outlets. Do we really want or need – remembering what we have endured for the past two years and continue to endure – right now, mobs of unvaccinated people inundating our stores and, at least potentially, jacking up the already huge numbers of positive cases we already have here? I would suggest, no, we do not.

I would also suggest that it is now time for Ontario (pay attention Premier Ford and our MPP) to follow the lead of Québec and Saskatchewan and demand proof of full vaccination to enter any LCBO outlet.

Colin Affleck
Champlain Township