La Nation Municipality’s budget for 2022 is worth $64,550,279. It was approved by council on December 13, 2021. 

The municipality will collect $560,682 more in taxes from property owners in 2022 than it did in 2021, according to the 2022 budget. In 2021, the municipality collected $12,399,048 in taxes, and it is projected to collect $12,959,730 in 2022. 

Taxes will increase by 2.13 per cent for residential property owners. The owner of a residential house valued at $100,000 in La Nation paid $718.02 in taxes in 2021. In 2022, the taxes for a house valued at $100,000 will be $15.26 more, at $733.28. 

However, the average value of a residential house in La Nation is $264,335. In 2021, the owner of a house at the average value would have paid $1,897.98 in property taxes. In 2022, the amount will be $40.33 more at $1,938.32. 

Property tax rates are also increasing by 2.13 per cent on commercial, industrial, and farm properties. The tax rate is decreasing by 3.55 per cent on multi-residential properties in La Nation. 

The operating budget for 2022 projects $21,953142 in total revenue, which includes taxes and other sources of revenue for the municipality. The 2022 operating budget projects $19,843,621 in expenses. It is estimated that property taxes will be a source of 25 per cent of municipal revenue in 2022. Long-term debt is projected to be the greatest source of revenue at 41 per cent. Other fees and rates are estimated to be 15 per cent of 2022 municipal revenue. 

At 36 per cent, Public Works is estimated to be the largest consumer of tax revenue in 2022, followed by 24 per cent for costs associated with protection to persons and property, and administration and finance at 19 per cent as the estimated third greatest consumer of tax revenue. 


The 2022 La Nation budget includes a $44,706,659 capital budget. The largest capital expense is the Limoges Sports Complex, which comprises $13,379,095 of the total proposed $15,336,427 in project spending for the Parks and Recreation Department. The municipality is also planning to upgrade the ice surface at the arena in St-Isidore to more environmentally friendly standards which will cost $1,270,000.

In the Water and Sewer Department, construction will continue on the Cheney to Limoges watermain, at a projected cost of $12,650,000, and $8,324,704 in sewage lagoon upgrades are also in the capital budget. In the Public Works Department, $2,508,000 has been allocated for major repairs to the Touchette Bridge on Route 500. In 2022, the municipality is planning to spend $899,044 to replace vehicles in the building, fire, public works, and water and sewer departments. 

Other capital expenditures in La Nation during 2022 are planned for various administration, information technology, facility repairs, and public works projects.   

Higher than expected provincial funding 

La Nation will receive a higher-than-expected amount of base funding from the provincial government’s Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund in 2022. An amount of $417,421 had already been included in the budget, but the municipality received news from the Ontario government that it would receive an additional $492,439, which could be used for roads capital projects.