Dozens of community members from across the region came together December 14, 2021, in Hammond to participate in a community assembly on the global climate and ecological crisis.

The assembly was one of hundreds held around the world as part of an initiative called the ‘Global Assembly,’ where ordinary citizens connect and articulate together key messages for local and global leaders, with a synthesized report going all the to the United Nations. The session was organized by members of the United Counties Coalition for Climate Action Planning. Representatives from Eco East and Mères au Front P-R presented and facilitated the proceedings.

“My goal of bringing this Assembly to the region was to provide our community with the opportunity to participate in this important global conversation, and to continue showing our municipal leaders that there is increasing support for regional climate action,” said lead organizer, Stephanie Marcil. ” I think we continue to make progress towards this goal with every conversation we have.”

“As a women-led movement, our goal is to do everything in our power to protect the future of our children and grand-children, “, explained Emmanuelle Larocque, who established the Prescott-Russell chapter of Mères au Front, “Our goal is to do everything in our power to protect the future of our children and grand-children.”

“As it was made clear during the Assembly, younger generations are experiencing the climate crisis differently and their voices need to be taken into account in the decision-making processes inherent to the ecological transition. I hope that engaging in these types of meaningful, community-based dialogues will challenge political leaders from all levels to rise up for future generations, and to take concrete steps to address the climate emergence in an inclusive, effective and fair manner.”

The event was hosted by Hammond Hill and supported by several local businesses.

“We were delighted that businesses from tourism, construction and recreation sectors reached out to us to lend their support,” said Lisa Deacon, who serves as president of Eco East.  “It is very encouraging to know that the business community wants to get involved and not only support, but lead more sustainable practices in our region. Our group will be launching a sustainable business practice awards program in January, and hope to see many nominations come forward.”

Results from the workshops will be submitted back to the Global Assembly in January for inclusion in their report.