The Sûreté du Québec, with the participation of the Fédérations des Clubs de Motoneigistes du Québec, the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads and the collaboration of the Ministère des Transports, will be patrolling trails across Québec throughout the winter season. 

Operation IMPACT is an increased police presence on the trails. This winter, the quad riders of the Sûreté du Québec will also patrol the federated trails. These patrols allow targeted interventions to be carried out against unsafe behaviour by off-road vehicle users. Through the funding of Operation IMPACT, the Government of Québec wants to promote a safer environment for off-road vehicle users and users of roads crossing trails. The Fédération des clubs de Motoneigistes du Québec and the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads has a series of safety tips for off-road enthusiasts that also respect the environment and other citizens.   

  • Travel on marked trails and avoid unmarked bodies of water where the ice could be unsafe 
  • Maintain a safe distance between your off-road vehicle and the one you are following 
  • Keep the white headlight (s) of your off-road vehicle on, as well as the red light on the back 
  • Cross public roads only where the signage authorizes it 
  • Respect private property and stay on the trails 
  • Always wear your helmet and safety glasses if the helmet does not have a visor 
  • Check trail conditions ahead of time at and 

Reminder of Off-Road Vehicle regulations 

  • Since September 10, 2021, off-road vehicle users in Québec must have a valid driver’s licence at all times in order to use designated trails on public or private land.  
  • ATV and snowmobilers are subject to the same impaired driving laws as automobile drivers.   
  • The speed limit on the trails is 50 km/h for quads and 70 km/h for snowmobiles 
  • Everyone must comply with the signs on the trails 
  • People aged 16 and 17, in addition to obtaining a certificate of competence issued by the different federations, must have a valid driving license. 

Impaired driving and speed are the main causes of fatal ATV and snowmobile crashes in Québec. During the 2020-2021 season, 27 quad riders died in 27 fatal collisions and 16 snowmobilers died in 16 fatal collisions in areas under Sûreté du Québec responsibility. 

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