The best TVs in Canada

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Shopping for a new TV can be daunting. Between the high prices, advanced technology, and potential compatibility issues, you may be wondering where you start. We’re here to help. The TVs on our list offer the most current technologies in a variety of price ranges. We’ve carefully compiled this list of the best TVs that are currently available in Canada. We’re sure that you will find one to fit your budget and entertainment needs on our list.

Best TVs in Canada

1. TCL 55” Class 4-Series Android TV

Large TVs often have steep prices, and affordable options don’t have the features you want. The TCL 55” Class 4-Series Android TV is changing that. This TV has everything you could want in a newer TV, including Smart App capabilities, 4K resolution, HDR, and more. Watching your favourite shows and movies is a blast with this TV.

The picture quality is one of the greatest benefits that this TV offers. 4K resolution offers amazing details and a beautiful, clear viewing experience. This TV also offers HDR, increasing the quality and lifelike picture that this TV delivers. Together, these options create optimal viewing with exceptional detail.

You can watch all of your favourite media on this TV using the Smart apps. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, Spotify, and more are all available in this TV’s app library. Download your favourite streaming service apps, log in with your account, and enjoy all of your favourite shows, movies, and music without any additional cables.

If you’d rather cast media directly from your phone (including pictures and videos you’ve created yourself), you can use the built-in Chromecast. See all of your photos on the big screen, watch home videos and more.

The TCL 55” Class 4-Series Android TV has a built-in Google Assistant. Any information you want, from weather reports to random questions, can now be asked via the voice-enabled remote for this TV. The assistant will answer just like it would when you ‘Google’ something on your home computer. You can also use Google Assistant to search for shows and movies, pause playback, and more.

The TCL 55” Class 4-Series Android TV is available in five different screen sizes, and the prices are surprisingly affordable for the full feature list and picture quality.

Features of the TCL 55” Class 4-Series Android TV

4K Ultra HDR quality

This TCL TV offers 4k resolution and bright, clean HDR as well. Together, these features create an unbeatable picture-quality and lifelike viewing experience.

Smart apps

With this TV, you have access to a wide variety of smart apps. You can install your favourite sports channels, stream your favourite shows and movies, music, and YouTube as well. All of the apps are controlled through your remote, so it’s simple to get started. Accounts with the streaming services represented in the apps are required.

Built-in Google Assistant

The voice-capable remote control helps you access the built-in Google Assistant on this TCL TV. You can ask Google to search for your favourite shows, access your photos, ask questions and receive answers, and more. You can use your TV to ‘google’ whatever information you want, as well as control your streaming platforms, stopping and starting playback, and more.

Chromecast capable

If you’d rather use your phone to navigate your favourite streaming sites, you can use the built-in Chromecast to send them to the big screen. Your phone’s keyboard may enable to you search for media faster, and casting from your Android or iOS device is simple. You can even cast photos and media directly from your device.

What sets the TCL 55” Class 4-Series Android TV apart?

This TCL TV is great for all of your favourite media, from gaming to movies and TV shows. We were impressed by how affordable this larger TV is, especially when you consider the features list. The voice-activated remote control was another surprise, allowing you to change apps and start streaming with voice commands. It also helps you access Google Assistant. You can get this TV in five different screen sizes, including 55”, 43”, 50”, 65” and 75”.

  • Voice-capable remote control
  • Affordable for the list of features
  • Available in five screen sizes

What could be improved?

The TCL 55” Class 4-Series Android TV offers great picture quality for a variety of sizes and budgets. There are just two things that could be improved. First off, the home screen has very limited customization, to the point where you can’t customize the order of your apps or the background image. Second, picture mode selection is extremely limited. Most TVs offer various settings for different uses, such as gaming or movies. This TV doesn’t offer a lot of options for changing the picture mode.

  • The home screen is not customizable
  • Limited picture mode selection

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2. Hisense 55A68G 55” Smart TV

A picture is worth a thousand words, and great picture quality on your TV is worth significantly more. Hisense’s 44A68G 55” Smart TV delivers exceptional picture quality, full-array LED lighting, full-range ultra-high definition, and great sound to match.

This TV offers a full 4K resolution and Ultra High-Definition (UHD). You’ll get a clear, crisp picture that showcases all of the details you wouldn’t be able to see at lower definitions. It’s fully backlit, so even the darker parts of the screen are sufficiently lit.

The Dolby Vision HDR options increase the range of colours available on the screen, making the dark areas darker and the bright areas infinitely more detailed. Do you often see ‘noise’ in your images with your current TV? Get clearer background images without multicoloured pixel blooms in the darker areas. Your favourite shows never looked so good.

And they never sounded this good, either. The Hisense 44A68G 55” Smart TV uses DTS Virtual:X Surround sound to create enhanced, atmospheric sound for all of your shows and music. You don’t need any additional equipment to take advantage of this virtual surround sound processing.

Gaming is also better on this Hisense TV. Other TVs might produce input lag or latency within your video games, but this TV uses Auto Low Latency Mode, or ALLM, to adjust latency values automatically. This means your games react faster, and you can worry about that pinpoint precision that some games require.

The Hisense 55A68G comes in six different screen sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for all of your rooms. This crisp TV can be viewed from any angle with almost zero video quality loss. When you’re gaming, this TV will help you react faster and reduce input lag.

Features of the Hisense 55A68G 55” Smart TV

4K UHD picture quality

This Hisense TV offers exceptional 4K picture quality and upscales each image to Ultra High Definition (or UHD). The picture is crisp, with each pixel lighting up more details than ever before. The LED backlight offers full-array lighting, so the entire screen is lit up with picture-perfect quality.

Dolby Vision HDR options

Dolby Vision is an advanced HDR option that allows for deeper colour, clearer pictures, and sharper videos. This option increases the range of colours available between the darkest parts of the picture and the brightest sections of the picture. This means you get more details, and the image looks as lifelike as possible.

DTS Virtual:X surround sound

The sound processing on this Hisense TV is on the next level. It offers multi-channel virtual surround sound without the additional speakers or audio equipment. It also enhances bass, making it great for all of your favourite music. You’ve never heard audio from a TV sound like this.

Auto Low Latency Mode

Auto Low Latency Mode, or ALLM, adjusts latency automatically. When using this TV with your gaming consoles, you won’t have to worry about input lag or lagging interactions with the game. The latency stays steady to provide split-second reaction time in video games.

Image noise reduction

Want clearer images? Image noise reduction features help to reduce ‘noise’, which means that the darker scenes from your favourite shows will be clearer, with sharper details and fewer multi-coloured pixels. This can also help refine details on far-away objects within your media.

What sets the Hisense 55A68G 55” Smart TV apart?

This Hisense TV offers a variety of great picture-improving technologies, meaning that your favourite shows and movies look even better. There are several different picture modes, allowing you to adjust the picture to whatever you’re using the TV for, including games, movies, and sports. There are six available sizes, including 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”, so you can get the perfect TV for your room. This TV offers a built-in Google Assistant that is activated by the voice remote, allowing you to control it easily. You can connect various devices (wired and wireless) with Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, WiFi, and USB connectivity.

  • Google Assistant
  • Multiple picture modes
  • Full connectivity with multiple ports and wireless connections
  • Six available sizes

What could be improved?

Hisense TVs work extremely well, and the 55A68G 55” Smart TV is no exception. Still, there are just a couple of things that Hisense could improve to make this TV even better. There is no way to turn off the Bluetooth connectivity. This is inconvenient if you own multiple Bluetooth devices. Every time you try to pair your headphones with your phone or your game controllers with your PC, the TV will display a message asking if you want to pair the device.

  • No way to turn off Bluetooth

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3. Sony X90J 55” BRAVIA TV

You want your TV to display a perfect picture, with as many details and true colours as possible. New technologies, such as the advanced XR processing techniques used in the Sony X90J 55” BRAVIA TV, allow for a better picture than ever before. This TV features a host of new methods for displaying your favourite shows.

The Full Array LED boosts the contrast on the screen. The backlight is precisely controlled to offer darker black areas and more in-depth shading to emphasize the brighter areas. This controlled backlighting offers an experience that most older TV just can’t hope to match.

Your media is brought to life with a host of other advanced processing features, including the XR Motion Clarity and XR Triluminos Pro. These systems produce better pictures overall. The XR Motion Clarity controls the action in every image and scene, removing the blur and providing perfect clarity for every previously-blurry action. The XR Triluminos Pro produces natural, vibrant colours for all of your images. Together, these create a rich, lifelike experience. The 4K resolution only enhances the details.

Next-Generation Gaming is better than ever with BRAVIA Game Mode. Your newer consoles, including the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, can achieve even greater graphical fidelity with this TV. If a game supports 4k resolution and 120 frames per second, this TV can display it as it was meant to be played. It decreases input lag and supports those higher framerates.

This Sony TV features Smart TV apps, Google TV, and the BRAVIA CORE streaming service that is exclusive to Sony TV owners. Here, you can find all of your favourites as well as exclusive releases that you can’t find elsewhere.

Features of the Sony X90J 55” BRAVIA TV

Full array LED with contrast boosting

Full Array LED backlight allows the TV to activate certain areas of the screen separately from each other. Darker areas in your favourite movies and shows will be darker, reducing noise and pixel loss is truly black sections of the screen. This controlled backlighting boosts contrast, making your bright areas brighter and more detailed.

Game mode for Next-Gen gaming

BRAVIA Game Mode activates a reduced input lag feature and increases framerate when playing games on next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. If the game supports 4K resolution and 120 fps (frames per second), this TV can deliver it for you.

XR motion clarity

Part of the XR advanced processing system allows action scenes to be clearer overall. This module controls the way that movement is displayed, allowing for fluid motions without detail blurring, even in fast-paced movies and shows.

XR Triluminos Pro Colour System

Colour has never looked so good. This advanced processing technique provides you with billions of colours. Natural colour is restored, leaving you with a completely lossless colour profile. It’s so lifelike, it’s like you’re viewing media with your naked eye!

4K quality

4K resolution allows for greater detail, perfect texture, and more. The Sony X90J 55” BRAVIA TV offers pure 4K resolution, with no upscaling required. You’ll get the best picture possible outside of an OLED TV.

What sets the Sony X90J 55” BRAVIA TV apart?

The Sony X90J 55” BRAVIA TV is one of the best in the Canadian market for next-gen gaming. The advanced processing techniques reduce motion blur and provide deep, natural colours. You won’t be disappointed when you’re watching your favourite media, either. The contrast boost creates a larger range between dark areas and bright ones, so you’ll see more details than ever. This TV uses Google TV and is available with a ton of Smart TV apps, so you can access all of your favourite streaming services. BRAVIA CORE, a Sony TV-exclusive streaming service, allows all owners of Sony TVs access to a library of movies that may not be available on other services.

  • Advanced processing with deep, natural colours
  • Contrast boost
  • Google TV and Smart TV apps
  • BRAVIA CORE streaming service

What could be improved?

Sony’s X90J 55” BRAVIA TV offers a ton of picture-enhancing features that help your games, videos, and movies look better. The firmware, which keeps the TV up to date with the latest fixes and operations, can sometimes be glitchy. If this happens, you may need to restore factory settings on your TV, which can be a minor inconvenience.

  • New firmware may be glitchy

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4. LG OLED55C1 55” Smart OLED TV

OLED is the newest way to experience your media, with higher resolutions, self-lighting pixels that change individually, and higher-level processing features. The LG OLED55C1 55” Smart OLED TV is the perfect TV to display the best of OLED technology.

The 4K screen on this TV is made of hundreds of thousands of self-lighting pixels. The powerful Alpha9 AI Processor analyzes your movies, shows, and more to determine where to light the pixels. This means that you’re getting the most detailed, immersive, and clean image possible. In darker areas of a scene, the pixels may be turned off entirely – leading to higher contrast and lifelike colour.

Dolby’s Vision and Atmos systems work perfectly with this AI processor, creating the perfect algorithm for producing complimentary pictures and sound. The multi-dimensional surround sound makes every song, episode, or gameplay session immersive.

Gaming is better with this TV, too. Even without considering the advanced processing techniques available from this TV, it is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync technologies. This reduces input lag, tearing, and stuttering during games. It reacts by the second to the game itself, producing the best visuals and performance at any given time.

The deep contrast, OLED screen, and great audio and visual quality make this LG TV one of the best TVs in Canada. It’s great for gaming, movies, music, and shows, and every experience is immersive.

Features of the LG OLED55C1 55” Smart OLED TV

Alpha9 AI Processor

This advanced processer powers all of the processes that make your TV look great. It uses AI learning to analyze your movies and shows, allowing for perfect optimization and the best picture no matter what you’re watching.

OLED self-lighting pixels

OLED screen technology provides separate lights for each pixel. Pixels turn on or off depending on the contrast and shading of each scene, providing a clean, vivid image where all of the details are displayed as they were meant to be seen.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Dolby’s picture and sound services take this TV to the next level. These chips adjust the picture based on atmosphere, using the advanced Alpha9 processor to analyze each scene for the best possible settings. Combined with multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos sound, this TV produces a truly immersive experience.

Compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync

Nvidia G-Sync is one of the best display systems for gaming. Your gaming experience is elevated with this service, which uses a variable refresh rate. It reacts to the game itself to compensate and provide the best visuals with fewer tears and stutters, better colour, and extremely low latency.

What sets the LG OLED55C1 55” Smart OLED TV apart?

This LG TV is extremely advanced, featuring great features for a variety of games, movies, shows, and music. It offers amazing audio and visual quality through all of its advanced processes. It’s a great TV for gaming, but it also offers great contrast for all of your other entertainment needs. There are five screen sizes available, ranging from 48” to 83”, and the advanced gaming features will make your next-gen console games look breathtaking at any size.

  • Advanced gaming features
  • Deep contrast
  • Great audio and visual quality
  • 5 screen sizes are available

What could be improved?

The LG OLED55C1 55” Smart OLED TV packs an impressive array of features that will enhance your viewing and gaming experiences. Still, it’s worth noting that this TV is extremely expensive compared to the other TVs we’ve looked at so far. You are definitely paying for the luxury features you get here. It doesn’t come with an HDMI cable, though, which is upsetting to some users.

  • Expensive
  • Does not come with an HDMI cable

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5. Samsung 55” QN90A QLED Smart TV

When it comes to TVs, you pay for the quality you want. Though the Samsung 55” QN90A QLED Smart TV is on the expensive side, it offers the most current technologies and produces some of the best picture quality we’ve seen.

If you’ve often had issues viewing your TV at an angle, you won’t have to worry anymore. This TV offers optimal viewing at every angle. If you’re sitting to the side, you’ll get just as many details as someone sitting directly in front of it. The wide viewing angle is one of the best convenience features that Samsung used in this TV.

Another of the most advanced convenience technologies is the Anti-Reflection feature. Watching movies during the day or binging shows with the light aren’t issues anymore. This screen eliminates glare and reflection, so you can see perfectly no matter what time of day it is.

When it comes to sound, this Samsung TV doesn’t mess around. The Object Tracking Sound+ system offers all of the surround sound benefits for a 4-2-2 system. It’s native to the TV, though – you don’t have to purchase a soundbar, audio receiver, or a multi-speaker setup.

The 4K QLED UHD resolution quality on this TV is out of this world, too. QLED is Samsung’s response to the OLED movement, though it works completely differently. Each pixel has an individual filter that is adjusted to provide a wealth of colours and higher contrast than standard LED TVs. The Quantum HDR 32x system adapts the picture during each scene and individual frame to map out tones and shades, producing a more realistic image as it goes.

Finally, gaming on this TV is an amazing experience. The Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ system supports next-generation games up to 4K 120Hz. You can use this TV as a monitor for your gaming PC as well, so there’s no need for a console.

Whether you’re gaming, binging your favourite show, or watching a new movie with the family, this TV offers an amazing array of features to make it that much more convenient to use.

Features of the Samsung 55” QN90A QLED Smart TV

Great detail at every angle

Some TVs look worse depending on the angle you’re sitting at. If your armchair is to the side of the screen, you might not be able to see all the details, or the image might be distorted. The Samsung 55” QN90A QLED Smart TV offers the same detailed picture from every viewing angle, so there’s no more fighting over the seats right in front of the TV.

Quantum HDR 32x

The Quantum processing chip in this Samsung TV allows for the best possible adaptive picture. This technology maps out the tones, shades, and colours of each scene and frame, bringing to life minor details and making the colour as accurate as possible.

Anti-Reflection technology

This QLED screen features anti-reflection tech, making it easier to watch your favourite movies and shows while the sun is out. It even stops reflections from lamps and other lights, so you get a truly immersive experience no matter the time of day.

Advanced sound options

Object Tracking Sound+ features a built-in advanced sound system. This 4.2.2 surround sound stereo system offers an extremely 3D profile sound that doesn’t require any additional speakers or equipment.

Great gaming experience

This Samsung TV offers a powerful gaming experience as well. The Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ feature allows support for next-generation gameplay at 4K resolution and up to 120Hz refresh rate. It helps to reduce lag, tearing, and motion blur. You’ll get the accuracy you need to win.

What sets the Samsung 55” QN90A QLED Smart TV apart?

This Samsung TV comes with a host of advanced features, including great qualities that aren’t available in other comparable TVs. The 4K UHD resolution might be standard, but the other processes presented here for processing images take it to the next level. You can also use this TV as a computer monitor thanks to the PC to TV features. These make it better than other TVs for this purpose. There are five different screen sizes for this model, ranging from 50” to 85”. We’re impressed with how slim and lightweight each size is.

  • 4K ultra HD resolution and quality
  • PC to TV features
  • Five screen sizes
  • Extremely slim and lightweight

What could be improved?

There are very few complaints about the Samsung 55” QN90A QLED Smart TV, and it’s a great TV all around for just about any purpose. However, it is very expensive due to the high-end technologies.

  • Expensive

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6. Samsung 55” AU8000 LED 4K Smart TV

If you aren’t sure about the latest technologies, the Samsung 55” AU8000 LED 4K Smart TV may be the choice for you. It still offers amazing picture quality and a host of similarly great features, without the luxury cost of other options.

This Samsung TV uses a Dynamic Crystal Colour system to enhance the contrast in each frame, improving the details and creating a more natural look. The image is adjusted to always provide you with the best possible image quality. To that end, this TV also uses 4K upscaling and HDR. These systems enhance even the smallest detail, so every movie or episode looks great.

For gaming, the Samsung 55” AU8000 LED 4K Smart TV uses Motion Xcelerator technology to provide you with a smoother experience. This technology eliminates screen tearing and lag, making it easier to react in seconds to changes in the game environment.

This is a Smart TV, so you can install apps from your favourite streaming services. All of your favourite shows are in one place. If you’re having trouble finding what you need, you can ask one of the 3 available voice assistants for help. You can use Google Assistant, Alexa, or Samsung’s Bixby system to search, schedule recordings, and more.

This Samsung TV is extremely reliable and works to provide the best possible picture for the price. It’s competitive with TVs in the same price range, but you’ll get the famed Samsung quality to go along with it.

Features of the Samsung 55” AU8000 LED 4K Smart TV

Dynamic Crystal Colour

The Crystal UHD features enhance contrast, improving the natural look and detail on each frame and scene. Much like other TVs in this price range, each scene is automatically adjusted so you are seeing the best possible image.

Samsung Smart TV features

The Smart TV features on this Samsung TV go a step further than other models. You can schedule recordings of your favourite shows, search for whatever you want to stream, and connect this TV to multiple compatible devices across your home.

4K Upscaling with HDR

This Samsung TV upscales your images to 4K when it can, producing better quality for the shows you already love. You’ll get amazing detail, colour, and contrast while the image is upscaled to a higher quality.

What sets the Samsung 55” AU8000 LED 4k Smart TV apart?

This Samsung TV is impressive, and it’s not too pricey for a Samsung TV of this size. You’ll have access to three different voice assistants via the voice-enabled remote (Bixby, Alexa, and Google), so you have tons of options. The Motion Xcelerator system makes video games smoother and faster, without lag or screen tearing. It’s also extremely thin and lightweight, so most people will be able to install it themselves.

  • 3 voice assistants available (Google, Alexa, and Bixby)
  • Motion Xcelerator for smoother, faster gaming
  • Slim and lightweight enough to install by yourself

What could be improved?

The Samsung 55” AU8000 is a bit simpler than some of the other TVs on our list so far, but it still offers amazing 4K quality, HDR, and Smart TV features. The sound quality is average, so it might be better to get a separate sound system or soundbar rather than relying on the system speakers.

  • Sound quality is average

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How to choose the best TV in Canada for you

When shopping for a TV, you’ll run into a variety of different terms, specs, and options. There are a lot of different technologies to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. When we were curating our list of the best TVs in Canada, here are the things we looked for.

TV type

There are several different types of TVs. Here, we’re talking about the technology used for the screen. There are three main types of TVs available in the Canadian market today, and each has great benefits.


LED (or light-emitting diode) TVs are the best value on the market today. They use a series of LED lights to illuminate an LCD panel, creating bright colours and reasonable contrast. They have a great contrast level, good colours, and the perfect price. However, they suffer at different viewing angles and with a lack of colour depth.


OLED TVs have a series of self-lighting pixels. Each pixel has its own LED light, so pixels can be illuminated or turned off individually. This leads to much better picture quality overall, including pure blacks on the dark parts of a screen. These are the most expensive options on the market right now, so be prepared to drop a lot of money if you want the best image quality.


QLED is a version of OLED that Samsung and some TCL TVs use. They work differently than OLED screens. LED lights illuminate an LCD layer, just like in LED TVs. There is a layer of dot filters between the LED and the LCD panels, allowing for better colours in a range of shades. QLED is a selective technology but it works best for those who prefer bright pops of colour on their TV. QLED offers a mid-range price between the cheaper LED TVs and the much more expensive OLED options.


HDR, or high-dynamic range, is a feature that many modern TVs use to produce a higher quality image. This can include darkening the dark shades and brightening the bright areas to create a more lifelike image.

HDR achieves higher quality images by expanding the colour range in each image. This allows for more in-between shades and darker shadows. Brighter colours also have more depth. HDR seems more realistic overall. However, to use HDR requires a TV that is HDR-capable as well as HDR-enabled content.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels used to create the picture on your TV screen. All of the TVs on our list have a 4K resolution, which means that they offer more pixels than lower resolutions. For larger TVs, this is the standard now.

4K resolution provides a greater level of detail than older TVs. You may have noticed that older movies on older, bulkier TVs are blurry, and you can’t easily make out actors’ faces or background details. This is in part due to the way the movies were filmed, but older TV resolutions also play a part.

4K, UltraHD, UHD, and similar terminology nearly always refer to this higher resolution. You may have heard of 8K, which is nearly twice as good as 4K. As we’ll discuss below, 8K is still many years away from being a mainstream and wildly available resolution.

When choosing a TV over 50” in size, you should always go with a 4K resolution.

Should you wait for 8k?

8K televisions are popping up everywhere, and are available from almost every major manufacturer. At this point, they are still extremely expensive. Still, is it worth waiting for 8K resolution to become the standard?

8K standardization is still a long way away. While some TVs might offer this higher resolution, few outputs are designed to provide it. This means that, while you can get an 8K TV, you’ll still be viewing most of your TV, movies, shows, and games in 4K for the time being.

You also run the risk of having an outdated TV by the time 8K becomes widespread technology. The first 8K TVs will likely be far behind the times by the time it can be used for most applications. For these reasons, it’s not worth waiting for an 8K TV. There’s no telling how long you’ll be waiting. At this rate, purchasing a 4K TV makes much more sense. You can always upgrade when 8K resolution is more popular and widespread.

Smart TV options

Nearly every modern TV is a Smart TV. This means that it can connect to the internet (usually via WiFi), download streaming service apps, and play your favourite media without broadcasting from another device. You’ll have access to apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube, and more from your TV’s home page. You can use the remote to enter your account information, and then scroll through your shows and movies.

Some Smart TVs come with Google Assistant or a similar voice-activated assistant program to help you search for the media you want. Look into your TV’s Smart features and determine if they will be convenient for you to use.


Size is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a TV. Though larger sizes will, of course, be more expensive, a smaller model isn’t always best. You should consider the room where you want to put the TV. How large is it? How far away are you sitting? If you plan on using your gaming consoles with the TV, will you be able to read the text in menus from that distance? Can you read subtitles from there?

All of these are important considerations when it comes to size. Larger TVs offer larger text sizes, and you can see smaller details clearer with a larger TV. However, getting a TV that is too large can hurt your eyes and ruin quality. Scale your TV to the size of your living room or bedroom. 55”, like the TVs on our list, is a good place to start. You can scale up or down depending on how far away you’ll be sitting and how large the room is.


Connection capabilities determine how you can use your TV. If you want to connect a stereo system, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, and other devices, you’ll need a TV that supports those inputs.

To this end, the more inputs that a TV has, the better. However, if you’re looking to add very specific things (such as a speaker system), look for a TV that has HDMI ARC or an optical port. Consider the connection methods from the devices you already use (or want to use) and plan accordingly.

TVs with wireless connections are great as well, as they offer you more ways to connect devices and play your favourite media.


The final thing that you should consider before purchasing a TV is the price. With TVs, you get what you pay for. Some brands are more expensive than others, but that’s usually because they offer proprietary technologies and better image or sound quality. Cheaper TVs aren’t always just as good as their more expensive counterparts.

However, most companies or retailers have a few sales a year. Around the holidays and during the first half of the year, many companies provide discount prices. Keep a lookout for a reduced price on the TV you choose, as you can normally find it at a discounted price if you wait a few months.

Final thoughts

A TV can be a big purchase, especially when it comes to larger screens and the latest technologies. Make sure that you choose one that works best for you, considering the size, resolution, options, and other features we listed above. Our list of top picks showcases the best TVs in Canada, and we hope that you will find one that meets all of your needs.

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