An agency in Argenteuil that helps young people find work has received some financial help from the Québec government. 

On November 16, Minister of Labour and Employment Jean Boulet, with Argenteuil Member of the National Assembly Agnès Grondin, announced total funding of $167,385 for the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJE) d’Argenteuil as part of the yearly financial support program for it and similar agencies across Québec.   

The funding will allow the CJE d’Argenteuil to carry out its mission of intervening to assist young people. Part of the funding amount will be devoted specifically to the implementation of services for young dropouts aged 18 and greater with a focus to resuming their studies.  

Boulet said the funding will help young people integrated into the labour market, which can also mean they may have to return to school. 

“We want to promote the educational success of our young people so that they can give themselves the best chances for their future.” 

Grondin said the CJE is a valuable resource that helps young people with entrepreneurship and volunteer opportunities. 

CJE d’Argenteuil Director Johanne Dumouchel said the agency wants to be able to serve clients more easily in their communities, so some of the funding will be used to purchase a van. 

“Our plan is to provide more mobile service.”  

The Carrefour jeunesse emploi d’Argenteuil is one of 110 CJE’s across Québec. The Argenteuil office is located at 483 rue Principale in Lachute. 

Funding was announced on November 16 for the Carrefour jeunesse emploi (CJE) d’Argenteuil. From left to right, CJE Director Johanne Dumouchel, Minister of Labour and Employment Jean Boulet, and Argenteuil Member of the National Assembly, Agnès Grondin. Photo: James Morgan