The best rated mattresses in Canada

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Choosing the best mattress can be difficult, especially when there are so many options. To help you out, we’ve narrowed your choices down to the best top-rated mattresses in Canada. All the mattresses we are looking at below have great ratings and pages of reviews by happy customers.

Best rated mattresses in Canada

1. The Douglas Mattress

There are a lot of top-rated mattresses in Canada, but the Douglas mattress by Goodmorning.com is the best among them. If you’re looking for a great mattress that’s made exclusively for Canadians, the Douglas mattress is the perfect option for you. It’s proudly made and sold in Canada.

This mattress is designed to be great for all sleeping positions. It’s a medium-firm mattress, so most sleepers will be comfortable on it. Some side sleepers might prefer a softer mattress, and some stomach sleepers may need more support. Still, there is plenty of comfort and support in the Douglas mattress, so it’s a matter of preference.

It also offers a bouncier, more responsive surface than most memory foam mattresses, due to the unique materials used in the construction. The Douglas mattress is made with layers of eco-conscious foams that we rarely see used in foam mattresses. These layers are comfortable and cradling, but they don’t sink like standard memory foam.

The cover of the mattress is removable and washable. When you need to refresh your bed, just throw this cover in with your sheets. It’s made of sustainably sourced Tencel fibres that are soft and comfortable even with sheets on top. Further, this cover is breathable and cool, so body heat doesn’t build up while you sleep. It’s the first line of defence against overheating.

This cover even has a motif of the Canadian Rockies knitted on it. It’s a nice touch from a Canadian manufacturer.

The foam core of the mattress consists of three layers, each with cooling and comforting properties for a more restful sleep. Directly under the cover is a layer of ecoLight Cooling Gel. This layer cradles those pressure points, making sure that you sleep comfortably. It absorbs excess body heat. You’re less likely to wake up sweaty and uncomfortable on the Douglas mattress.

The middle layer of foam is Elastex, a hypoallergenic alternative to synthetic latex. It has the same properties, meaning that you get a bouncy surface that responds well to your movements. It won’t irritate people with latex allergies. Plus, latex foam is known for sleeping cooler than memory foam. This layer brings support without excessive sinking or heat.

Finally, the sturdy bottom layer gives the mattress shape and prevents sagging over time. It’s a layer of dense, motion-isolating foam. This layer works with the others to keep your spine aligned and your pressure points adequately supported.

The Douglas mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. This allows you to test the mattress and make sure that it’s right for you. After the first 30 days (which is a breaking-in period that allows your body to get used to the new mattress), you can get a full refund if you don’t like it. The mattresses are donated to local charities and there is no additional fee for returning within the sleep trial window.

Why are we impressed?

  • Great support for most sleeping positions
  • Eco-conscious foam construction
  • Hypoallergenic latex layer for those with allergies
  • Responsive, comfortable surface

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2. The Novosbed Mattress

Purchasing a mattress online poses certain risks. One of them is that you won’t like how firm or soft the mattress is, and since you can’t try it beforehand, this may deter you from making a purchase. The Novosbed mattress has found a way around this issue by offering a firmness adjustment system.

You can easily customize how firm or soft you want your Novosbed. There are three initial firmness options (soft, medium, and firm). If one of these base options is not to your liking, you can ask for a Comfort+ Kit. It’s a topper you can put inside your mattress cover, and it can fine-tune your firmness to make it slightly softer or firmer.

When you consider the Comfort+ Kit adjustments, that means you can get the Novosbed mattress in up to 9 different firmness options. It’s completely customizable to your preferences. The added comfort and optimization make the Novosbed mattress one of the top-rated mattresses in Canada. You can find your ideal firmness without shopping for several different mattresses.

The Novosbed mattress is also constructed of premium materials. Each layer of foam works together to help you sleep a little cooler and more comfortably. This starts with the stretchy knit cover that encloses the mattress entirely. It can be zipped on and off so you can wash it with the rest of your bedding.

This mattress also has an inner cover that helps keep the mattress’s core foam safe. This inner cover doesn’t come off, so you don’t have to worry about the foam being exposed while you wash the outer cover. This is a somewhat unique feature among all-foam mattresses.

The first layer under the cover is called the Novos Comfort Zone. It uses 5th Generation open-cell memory foam to keep you cool. The open cells promote airflow and give heat a place to escape. Your excess heat won’t build up while you sleep. This layer also provides cushioning for your pressure points so that you can wake feeling refreshed.

The middle layer is called the Transition zone. This layer of transition foam offers the deeper contouring required to keep your spine aligned. It’s also made of 5th-generation foam, using those air pockets to keep heat from affecting those deeper sinking points.

The support layer on the bottom is high-density foam. This Support Zone gives your mattress shape and keeps it from sagging over time. You’ll get better all-over support with this base layer. It gives the other layers a strong foundation so they can perform better even after years of use.

When you purchase the Novosbed mattress, you can try it for 120 nights before committing. After the first 30 nights, you can request a Comfort+ Kit to make the mattress softer or firmer. Try this out for another 30 days. After 60 total nights, you can return the mattress for a full refund if it’s not to your liking.

Why are we impressed?

  • Comfort+ system for adjusting firmness levels
  • Customizable feel and comfort
  • Inner cover keeps foam intact
  • 5th generation open-cell foam construction for better airflow

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3. GhostBed Classic

GhostBed’s mattress options keep expanding. They offer new and exciting sleep surfaces all the time at a variety of price points. The GhostBed Classic is their flagship mattress. It’s a great value mattress for those who want to experience GhostBed’s proprietary foams and features on a budget.

One of the best things about the GhostBed Classic is the different types of foam featured in the construction. It uses layers of each type of standard mattress foam (both memory, latex, and polyfoam) to create a unique feel.

On the other hand, this mattress is firmer than some of the other mattresses we’ve looked at. It falls on the firm side of medium-firm, which will be great for stomach and back sleepers. Heavier sleepers will also find this mattress comfortable. However, lighter sleepers and side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress. It doesn’t envelop your body like a pure memory foam mattress will, so sleepers looking for that ‘hug’ should look elsewhere.

The GhostBed Classic’s support starts with the plush polyester cover. This cover is soft to the touch, easy on your skin, and breathable. This will prevent body heat build-up over time, creating a more comfortable sleeping environment for you.

Under the cover is a layer of aerated latex. This latex foam is perforated with small holes to make it easy for air to pass through. This reduces heat on your body, particularly on those pressure points that sink a bit deeper. The latex material gives you a more responsive, springy surface than a memory foam layer would.

The middle layer is a proprietary foam formula, created with cooling and comfort in mind. Larger cells mean more cooling and less heat. The memory foam doesn’t bounce back as quickly as latex, creating a deeper cradle for relieving pressure points.

The bottom layer is a high-density foam base. This layer won’t sag or degrade as other foam mattresses might. It’s made of a firm polyfoam that works to support your entire body. It helps to isolate a little bit of motion, but you’ll still be able to feel your partner’s every move on the other side of the bed.

If you aren’t sure if the GhostBed Classis is for you (particularly due to the firmness of the mattress), you can try it for 101 days after you purchase it. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it at any point during the sleep trial for a full refund.

Why are we impressed?

  • Uses 3 different types of foam
  • Proprietary foam blends for a unique feel
  • Available in Split King in addition to the standard sizes
  • Cooling layers to keep you from sweating as you sleep.

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4. The Endy Mattress

The Endy Mattress is made by a proudly Canadian company, and it’s one of the best rated mattresses in Canada for motion isolation. This mattress is perfect for partners, especially restless ones. Several layers of foam and support layers help to neutralize movement entirely, so you sleep soundly no matter what your partner is doing.

When it comes to firmness, the Endy mattress is a strong medium. It’s perfect for back sleepers, but some side sleepers and stomach sleepers will be able to enjoy it as well. Combination sleepers will enjoy this mattress, as this firmness allows them to get comfortable in all different positions. Some heavier sleepers might want a firmer mattress, however.

The top cover of the Endy mattress is breathable and washable, so you can unzip it and throw it right in the washing machine. This is great for keeping a fresh, clean bed. Your sheets won’t slide excessively over this cover, making it a great option for people who prefer a more stationary sleeping experience.

Under this cover is a layer of proprietary foam. Endy Foam has an open-cell design to keep heat from building up as you sleep. You’ll immediately feel comfortable, as Endy Foam works to cradle your body and relieve pressure points immediately. While most traditional memory foam mattresses sag or cause you to feel ‘stuck’, Endy Foam’s design is comfortable without the sinking feeling. It isn’t exactly memory foam, though it does have some of the same properties.

The middle layer is a transition layer. This polyfoam is a low-density blend that offers deep contouring support. This layer sinks less than the Endy Foam at the very top layer, allowing you to feel supported without feeling the harder foam beneath. This layer works together with the support layer to reduce motion transfer, keeping you blissfully asleep even if your partner is tossing and turning.

The high-density base helps the mattress keep its shape, preventing sagging from use. It’s also directly responsible for better spinal alignment, so you can sleep longer in one position without feeling uncomfortable.

If you’re unsure if the Endy mattress is for you, take advantage of the 100-night sleep trial. Unlike most other mattress companies, you are not required to keep the mattress for a set amount of time. If you know that you’re not going to like the mattress, you can return it right away for a full refund. Sometimes, you just know. Endy helps you in the way that’s best for you. There are no fees for returning the mattress, and it’s a no-hassle experience for every customer.

Why are we impressed?

  • Great motion isolation for couples
  • Proprietary temperature control foam
  • Perfect for combination sleepers
  • Removable, washable top cover

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5. Logan & Cove Mattress

Logan & Cove is a rare all-foam mattress. Usually, even pillow-top hybrids feature a more subtle, low-profile top. The Logan & Cove pillow-top hybrid is different because it features a luxurious top that is filled with cooling foam, premium materials, and more.

You can get the Logan & Cove mattress in two different firmness options. The medium plush option is perfect for those who prefer a softer, cloud-like experience. This includes side sleepers and some back sleepers. For those who prefer a firmer sleep surface, the Luxury Firm option might be for you. Stomach sleepers and combination sleepers will prefer this option.

The comfortable pillow-top makes sure that you can fall asleep quickly. It doesn’t take long to get comfortable! The Tencel cover is silky and soft and is a great introduction for the comfort that comes next. Under the cover is a blended silk fill that makes the cushion as soft as a cloud. It compresses easily, giving you access to the four layers of supportive foam underneath.

Right on top is a layer of high-density cooling foam to help disperse any heat that builds up over the night. The next layer down is a high-density biofoam, perfect for cradling your body where you need it most. Following this is another layer of cooling foam, followed by a second layer of biofoam. Together, these foams work to make the pillowtop section extremely comfortable.

The base of the bed is simple. There is a layer of transitional foam that cushions those deeper pressure points, ensuring that you can’t feel the steel coils beneath. This is a hybrid mattress, so the support core is made of a layer of zoned and pocketed steel coils that help align your spine and offer full-body support.

Though there is no layer of edge coils or a separate edge support layer, the Logan & Cove mattress still offers superior edge support. Sleeping or sitting on the edge of the bed isn’t a problem with this mattress, and you’ll get equal support no matter where you’re sleeping.

This mattress can be good for most sleepers, especially with the different firmness options available. If you still aren’t sure about it, take advantage of the 120-night sleep trial that comes with your purchase. After the first 30 days of trying the mattress, you can return it for a refund.

Why are we impressed?

  • Two available firmness options
  • Affordable for the features offered
  • Comfortable, cushioned pillow-top
  • Exceptional comfort with a rare high-profile top

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6. GhostBed Luxe

GhostBed offers a great lineup of mattresses, and the GhostBed Luxe is one of their best. This mattress has gained the title “The Coolest Bed in the World” due to the proprietary cooling features built into nearly every layer of foam. If you sleep hot, this is the top of the line for foam mattresses.

However, it’s also rated at a medium-soft, or medium-plush firmness. Side sleepers rejoice! This is the mattress for you. However, stomach sleepers will have a hard time with how soft it is. Some back sleepers might need a firmer mattress as well. Still, those who prefer a softer mattress might just love the GhostBed Luxe.

Every layer of this mattress is built to control heat and keep you comfortable. This starts with the Ghost Ice Fabric cover. This GhostBed-exclusive material is phase-changing, meaning that it reacts to your body temperature. At a certain temperature, the cover starts directing heat elsewhere, maintaining the perfect temperature and channelling the rest away.

The thin layer of gel foam beneath the cover helps with cooling. It contours to your body, promoting relief from pressure points and immediately making you feel comfortable when you get into bed. A layer of GhostBed’s proprietary Ghost Ice foam is next. This transfers heat towards the edges of the mattress and away from your body.

Under this foam is another, thicker layer of gel memory foam. This helps draw any remaining heat away and provides an extra cushion where you need it most. Below this layer is a GhostBed blended foam that uses both the properties of memory foam and latex foam. It offers a little bounce but contours to your body like a memory form.

At last, we come to the thick, high-density support foam layer. This helps the layers above stay supportive, gives the mattress shape, and helps it remain supportive over time. This layer is also directly responsible for motion isolation, so you can sleep more soundly even when your partner isn’t.

After you purchase the GhostBed Luxe, you can try it for 101 nights. GhostBed asks that you try the mattress for at least 30 days to break it in properly and allow your body to adjust. After these 30 days, you can return the GhostBed Luxe if it isn’t for you. You’ll get a full refund, and the mattress will be donated. If you do decide to keep the mattress, you’ll have a full 25-year warranty.

Why are we impressed?

  • One of the coolest foam mattresses on the market
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Proprietary foam construction for a unique sleep experience
  • 101-night sleep trial and full 25-year warranty

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7. Puffy Mattress

Puffy has a range of mattresses to fit your every need. The Puffy mattress is the most value-friendly in their lineup. The price is also just right, making it an ideal choice for those who want a little more from their mattress but still have a budget.

The Puffy is a medium mattress, but it’s a little softer than most other medium-rated mattresses. People who prefer a softer mattress will enjoy it, though it may be a little too soft for stomach sleepers or heavier sleepers.

The Puffy features a stain-resistant cover. If you share a bed with children (or pets), this is a great feature. The soft polyester cover can be removed and washed. In addition to this, it’s hypoallergenic. It’s gentle for those with allergies and washable to keep the bed clean and fresh.

The comfort layer comes next. This layer is divided into three separate layers of foam, all of which are different types that have different properties.

First is a layer of Cooling Cloud memory foam. This foam is infused with cooling gel, helping you rest more comfortably. It cradles those touch pressure points, helping you wake feeling rested. The gel parts of the mattress absorb and evaporate heat, so it doesn’t build up all night.

The second comfort layer is a Dual Cloud foam. This layer provides extreme levels of cushioning, including the memory foam ‘hug’. You’ll sink right into this layer. You’ll feel like sleeping on a cloud – which is why it’s right there in the name!

The final layer of the comfort layer is the Climate Comfort polyfoam. This layer cushions you from the coils and adds breathability to the mattress, allowing heat to escape so you don’t wake up sweaty and overheated.

There is a luxury version of the Puffy available as well, the Puffy Lux. We love having the choice! The Lux features a high-density transitional comfort layer that quickly works to relieve pressure and balance weight across the surface. It also isolates motion, so you can hardly feel what’s happening on the other side of the bed.

There is a bottom cover on this mattress that cannot be removed. It’s made of a gripping material that keeps the mattress right where it is, discouraging movement even inside your bed frame.

Warm sleepers will enjoy how breathable and airy this mattress is, as it allows heat to escape from multiple different avenues. If you aren’t sure that it’s for you, you can take advantage of the 101-night sleep trial that comes with your purchase. You only have to keep the mattress for 14 nights before initiating a return, which is one of the smallest test periods for online mattresses. However, if you choose to keep the mattress, you’ll gain a lifetime warranty.

Why are we impressed?

  • Washable, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic cover
  • Lifetime warranty and 101-night sleep trial
  • Hybrid or all-foam option
  • Affordable price

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8. Brunswick Spring Mattress

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is one of the top-rated mattresses in Canada because of how unique it is. Even among pillow-top hybrid mattresses, the Brunswick Spring stands apart. It features zoned and pocketed springs, surprisingly firm edge support, and a well-cushioned pillow top.

This mattress is a little softer than the others on this list and supportive enough for side sleepers and some back sleepers. The mattress is more supportive overall due to the layer of coils that make up the supportive core. However, this mattress starts being great on the cover.

The breathable quilted cover is durable, but it’s also smooth enough to feel comfortable even under your sheets. Under this cover is a low-profile pillow-top that’s filled with cushioned Euro-top fill. This layer feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud, perfect for those that prefer a soft mattress.

Next comes a few layers of foam, starting with a layer of cooling gel memory foam. This layer is one of the only temperature-control layers in the Brunswick Spring Mattress. Still, it works to keep you cooler than a traditional foam mattress.

Under this cooling layer is a transition layer. It’s made of high-density eco-foam to promote proper spinal alignment and keep your pressure points cushioned against the coil layer below.

The support layer is made of zoned and pocketed steel springs that adjust to give you support where you need it most. Because they are individually pocketed, they also help to control motion transfer. You’ll still feel what your partner is doing on their side, but it won’t be as noticeable as on an interconnected spring layer.

The very bottom layer is a layer of dense support foam that helps with edge support. This gives the mattress some great edge support, so you don’t feel like you’re going to slide off when you sit on the edge. If you tend to sleep near the edge, it’ll be more comfortable for you overall.

Stomach sleepers might want a firmer mattress than the Brunswick Spring. It offers a nice level of support but may be too soft for stomach sleepers. It’s also not great for people who sleep hot at night, as there are minimal cooling features built into the construction.

However, most of this is down to personal preference. If you want to come to your own conclusion about the Brunswick Spring mattress, you can try it for up to 120 days after purchase. The company requires that you keep the mattress for at least 30 days to break it in properly. After this time, you can initiate a return. You’ll get a full refund at no charge right up to the 120th night.

Why are we impressed?

  • Low-profile, luxurious pillow top
  • Great edge support
  • Motion isolating coils are zoned and pocketed for low motion transfer
  • Soft mattress that’s great for side sleepers

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9. Casper Original Mattress

Casper is unique on our list for many reasons. First, you can try Casper mattresses in most major mattress stores. You can purchase the mattresses in retail locations, but you can also purchase them online. When you purchase online, you get bonuses (like the 100-night sleep trial).

But that isn’t all. The Casper Original Mattress is their flagship model and comes in two different varieties. You can choose the all-foam version or the hybrid version. There is a small price difference between them. Mostly, this choice depends on how supportive you want your mattress to be.

Both mattresses are medium-firm. Side sleepers may find that the mattress is too firm. However, the foam itself is a little more supportive than a standard mattress throughout. It can still offer superb spinal alignment for side sleepers and great mid-body support for stomach sleepers.

The cover is a soft knit material that feels luxurious and slides easily under your sheets. The only problem with this cover is that it isn’t removable or washable. However, it is made with the environment in mind. Each cover is made with up to 57 recycled plastic bottles. Under the comfortable cover is a layer of AirScape foam. It’s an aerated, perforated foam that channels heat away from you as you sleep and works to reduce humidity. If you often wake up sweating and uncomfortable, this layer could help a lot.

The middle layer of foam features Casper’s Zoned Support system. This system is available in most of Casper’s mattresses and features in both the all-foam and hybrid versions of the Casper Classic. In essence, this feature offers multiple foams of different densities across the length of the bed. The softer foam keeps your shoulders cushioned, while firmer foam in the middle of the mattress helps support your spine and hips. It offers a little extra help for those areas that have more intense pressure points.

The bottom layer is different depending on the version you choose. In the all-foam version, this support layer is a dense polyfoam that stops you from sinking into the bed. However, the hybrid version has a layer of pocketed steel springs with a perimeter of edge support foam. Both the springs and the foam layer helps to eliminate motion transfer.

Back sleepers will love both versions of this mattress, as it’s right in the perfect range for spine alignment and support. If you’re unsure about the mattress, you can always try it at your local mattress retailer.  When you order online, you can try the mattress for 100 nights to make sure that you like it. After the first 30 days, you can return the mattress for a full refund if it’s not for you.

Why are we impressed?

  • Eco-conscious construction from recycled bottles
  • Comes in an all-foam or hybrid option
  • Zoned support foam for areas that need it most, like your back and hips
  • Great for back sleepers

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10. Recore Latex Foam Mattress

Do you move a lot during the night? Tired of feeling stuck in your memory foam mattress? An all-latex foam mattress might be able to help. Latex mattresses like Recore don’t have the same sinking feeling, and it’s easier to move around. They’re also known for sleeping cooler than memory foam.

The Recore Latex Foam mattress doesn’t sink when you sleep on it. The surface is responsive to your movements, and it’s bouncy for a foam mattress. It’s great for active sleepers and combination sleepers for this reason. It was created with sports performance in mind, so active people will love the way this mattress sleeps.

This mattress works like no other mattress on our list. It uses advanced materials to keep you comfortable and supported all night long.

It starts with the unique SilverCharged antimicrobial cover. This cover is a soft material that is coated in Silver and stitched with special antimicrobial thread. Together, they create a cooling surface that stays fresh and clean. If you ever need to clean it, you can unzip it and toss it in the laundry. It’s as simple as that!

Under the cover is a layer of graphite-infused latex foam. This layer helps to regulate heat, reducing your core temperature and keeping you comfortable as you sleep. You may find that you wake feeling more rested with this unique graphite-infused material.

The middle layer is a transitional foam that helps relieve pressure points. This is the layer you’ll feel most often, especially with your hips and shoulders. It’s made of cooling gel foam to further eliminate heat. Balancing your weight is important, and this is the layer that keeps things even underneath your body.

Under this is the dense base foam that gives the mattress its shape. This foundation is made of a high-density polyfoam, not unlike most other all-foam mattresses we’ve encountered. Here, it provides firmer support and spinal alignment.

Still, the mattress isn’t too firm. It has about a medium firmness – not too much for side sleepers, but perhaps a little too soft for stomach sleepers. Combination sleepers and active sleepers (as well as athletes) will get the most from this mattress. It’s created specifically to help you feel ready to take on your next challenge in the morning.

When you purchase the Recore mattress, you can try it for 120 nights. You can return the Recore mattress after the 30-day break-in period. However, it’s worth taking the time to adjust to the mattress to make sure it isn’t for you. After this short period, you can get a full refund on the mattress right up until the 120th night. Refunds are free during this time, and all mattresses are donated or recycled.

Why are we impressed?

  • Graphite-infused latex foam layer for heat control
  • Silver-threaded antimicrobial cover keeps your bed fresh
  • Deep, intense cooling layers
  • Engineered for active sleepers

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How to choose a top-rated mattress in Canada

Choosing a best rated mattress can be confusing. So many mattresses have features that sound great. With so many user reviews and proprietary technologies, how can you make an educated decision on the best mattress for you?

Below, we’ll look at different features and options to look for when choosing one of the top-rated mattresses in Canada. We share how your preferences can affect your options, too. You’ll get the full picture so you can make the best decision for yourself.

What we looked for

When choosing the mattresses for our list, we looked at the following features, options, and preferences.


The top-rated mattresses in Canada use proprietary materials to create unique experiences. All the mattresses on our list use foam to create a comfortable, supportive sleeping experience. There are always new improvements and innovations when it comes to memory foam and latex foam.

Consider mattresses that contain the following materials:

  • Proprietary memory foam blends that prevent excessive heat or sinking.
  • Hypoallergenic or unique latex foam blends that are responsive and comforting, but don’t irritate latex allergies.
  • Coils in hybrid mattresses that are individually pocketed and zoned.
  • Different zones of support throughout the mattress foam or coils.
  • Eco-conscious materials that are better for the environment than standard versions.
  • Foam that uses properties of both memory foam and latex foam to keep you comfortable.
  • Tencel covers, made from sustainably sourced wood fibres.
  • Soft, plush polyester or knit fabric covers that are removable and washable.

These types of materials are new, change the game in some way, or give you the best experience possible as you sleep. There’s a reason we mention the materials and construction of each mattress – use this information to decide about the best mattress for you.

Temperature control

If you tend to sleep hot, you understand the importance of temperature control. Further, many foam mattresses are notorious for allowing body heat to build up. You might wake to feel sweaty, uncomfortable, or overheated in the middle of the night. Thankfully, most foam and hybrid mattresses today use some type of temperature control to keep you cool throughout the night.

This can come in many forms. Some of the mattresses on this list use open-cell foam to bleed heat away from your body. Others use a layer of cooling gel memory foam to absorb and neutralize heat entirely. Still, others have created proprietary ‘cool’ fabrics and materials to ensure that your mattress has proper airflow and helps to eliminate heat as soon as you start to feel it.

Whatever the case, keep an eye out for temperature control measures in your mattresses. Even sleepers who aren’t prone to overheating may feel uncomfortably warm on a foam mattress, so keep this in mind.

Motion isolation

When you’re sharing a bed with a partner, pet, or child, motion isolation is extremely important. You want to sleep soundly through the night. Motion isolation features help keep your partner’s movement on their side of the bed. You won’t feel any shaking, tossing, turning, or shuffling from your partner’s side.

Coils or springs traditionally transfer more motion than foam mattresses. However, foam mattresses can also have this downfall. We’ve mentioned when a mattress has superior motion isolation. If your partner is often restless or you sleep lightly enough that their movements wake you up, consider choosing a mattress with motion isolation features.

Firmness options

The firmness you prefer in a mattress is completely personal. However, certain parameters may determine what firmness options you prefer. We looked at the firmness of each mattress, but we also considered if the mattress had different firmness options.

The following guidelines may help you determine which firmness you may prefer:

  • Side sleepers and sleepers weighing 130lbs or less may prefer a soft mattress.
  • Back sleepers and sleepers weighing between 130lbs and 230lbs may prefer a medium mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers and sleepers weighing 230lbs or more may prefer a firm mattress.

These guidelines are only a starting point, and your preferences matter most.

Edge support

If you sleep near the edge of the bed, you’ll know that some mattresses (especially foam mattresses) can sink at the edges. This creates a feeling like you’re falling off the mattress, or like you’re going to slide right into the floor. We looked at the level of edge support in each of these mattresses. We made notes about how the edge felt when you sat on it or when you slept near the edge.

While this is a relatively small consideration, it does still impact how comfortable you may find a mattress. If you often sit on the edge of your mattress, consider choosing one that has adequate edge support.

Sleep trial and returns

When you buy a mattress online, you can’t try it out before you make a purchase. That’s where sleep trials come in. Most companies give you between 30 and 120 days to try the mattress. During this time, you can choose to return it for a full refund if you don’t like it. Some recommend that you keep the mattress for at least 30 days.

That’s because it takes 30 days for your body to get used to a new mattress. Some companies want you to be sure, so they require you to keep the mattress for this first month to test it out. Returns are usually free, and most companies donate used mattresses to local charities.

The longer the sleep trial, the better. You want to make sure that you don’t’ feel comfortable on a mattress before you choose to return it.

Consider your preferences

It’s not all about statistics when it comes to mattresses. Your preferences, sleeping style, and body type play a huge part in the mattress you should choose. Keep the following things in mind before making your final purchases.

Sleeping position

Your preferred sleeping position may determine which mattress is best for you. We went over firmness options and sleeping positions above, but your sleeping position is important for more than just firmness.

  • Side sleepers need spinal alignment first and foremost. Secondly, they tend to prefer mattresses that relieve pressure points at their shoulders and hips. They’re prone to enjoying softer mattresses that cradle them, relieving pressure points and creating a comforting ‘hug’.
  • Back sleepers should look for mattresses that they can sink into, but not too deeply. Finding a mattress that can support their spine and keep it aligned is important. Still, their needs differ a bit from side sleepers. Some back sleepers prefer a firmer mattress, while others want their mattresses to be plush and soft.
  • Stomach sleepers need more support in the middle of their bodies. If their torsos are not adequately supported, their spine can bow in an uncomfortably deep manner. For this reason, stomach sleepers usually prefer the most supportive beds, as well as the firmest sleeping surfaces.
  • Combination sleepers often change positions throughout the night and spend significant amounts of time in each position. These sleepers require a more responsive surface, which allows them to change positions easily. Varying levels of support are required for each sleeping position, so combination sleepers usually prefer medium or medium-firm mattresses.

Body type

As we discussed above, body type also plays a role in the type of mattress you prefer. While this is also subjective, most mattress companies and sleep experts agree on a simple scale for body type-related concerns.

  • Light sleepers, or sleepers weighing less than 130lbs, may prefer a softer mattress that they can sink into. Firmer mattresses may be uncomfortable and provide very little give.
  • Standard sleepers between 130lbs and 230lbs may prefer any type of mattress. There are no real differences here other than personal preference.
  • Heavy sleepers, or sleepers weighing more than 230lbs, often need increased support. These sleepers often prefer firmer mattresses that don’t allow them to sink too deeply.


Comfort is entirely subjective. It’s a blend of firmness, supportiveness, and more. Some materials are more comfortable than others. The temperature may also play into this consideration.

Consider the most comfortable beds you’ve ever slept in. How are they alike? Were they firm or soft? Did you feel like you were sleeping on a cloud, or was it supportive enough that you woke up feeling refreshed? Did you wake up too hot and sweaty?

Take stock of your current preferences so you know what you like. Then, apply this knowledge to your mattress purchase. After all, your comfort is the most important factor when it comes to your mattress. It’s also unique to you, so consider your options carefully.

Final thoughts

Even on a shortlist of the best rated mattresses in Canada, finding the perfect option can be difficult. We’ve presented you with all the relevant information on each top-rated mattress to help you decide. Remember to consider features and options, but also keep your personal preferences in mind before you make a final decision. Take advantage of sleep trial periods if you aren’t sure. Whatever you decide, these mattresses are sure to keep you comfortable all night long.

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