The best pressure washers in Canada

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Pressure washers are handy for cleaning outdoor surfaces, removing caked-on dirt and grime, and keeping your cars clean. Residential pressure washers are powerful and can greatly improve your patios, outdoor furniture, and even help keep your kids’ outdoor toys clean. There are a lot of options and specifications to consider, but we’ve outlined the best in our guide. We’ve put together this list of the best pressure washers in Canada to help you decide. We know you’ll find a pressure washer that’s perfect for you on this list.

Best pressure washers in Canada

Best overall: Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High-Pressure Washer

A residential pressure washer should be versatile enough to handle a variety of cleaning tasks. The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric high-pressure washer is great for cleaning your siding, cars, boats, driveways, patios, and deck furniture. It’s powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it.

The 2030 PSI maximum pressure rating allows quick cleaning of a variety of surfaces, including all of your vehicles and outdoor equipment. Typical load pressure is about 1450 PSI, so it can maintain enough pressure to do these smaller cleaning jobs. The high-pressure hose is about 20 feet long. Paired with the 35-foot power cord, you’ll have enough room to move the machine around.

This pressure washer includes two removable detergent tanks. Both can be installed at the same time. You can switch between detergent inputs by using the onboard switch. This allows you to use the pressure washer for multiple applications without switching out the detergent. Each tank holds up to 0.9 litres of detergent.

This pressure washer comes with a ton of accessories as well. There are five quick-connect tips, including  0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°. There is a soap tip for distributing detergent in the mix. Additionally, you get a 34-inch extension wand, a garden hose adaptor, and a cleaning tool.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 has a great Total Stop System as well. When the trigger is not engaged, the pump inside the machine stops running. You’ll save electricity and your pump’s lifespan will be greatly increased with this feature. This pressure washer is great for household tasks, and it’s powerful enough to handle that tough grime. The two removable detergent tanks make it easy to bust through caked-on dirt on a variety of surfaces.

Features of the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High-Pressure Washer

Five quick-connect spray tips

You can use this pressure washer for just about any job. It comes with five different quick-connect spray tips. These tips change the pressure and spray angle, and include options for 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°. There is also a tip for soap.

Total stop system

When you aren’t pressing the trigger, the pump shuts off. This Total Stop System makes it safe and easy to turn the machine off. It also helps preserve electricity and keeps your pump working longer.

2030 PSI maximum pressure

The maximum 2030 PSI is perfect for cleaning your grill and your cars. You can use it to clean patios as well. You can also clean off any outdoor equipment, including patio furniture and outdoor toys with this PSI rating.

Dual detergent tanks

The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High-Pressure Washer features dual 0.9L detergent tanks. You can store two different types of detergent. The tanks are removable, so they are easy to fill. Switch between them using the detergent knob to deal with different cleaning tasks.

Accessories included

The quick-connect spray tips aren’t the only accessories included with the Sun Joe SPX3000. You’ll also get a 34-inch extension wand, a 20-foot high-pressure hose, a 35-foot power cord, a garden hose adaptor, and a tool for cleaning out the tips of each adaptor.

What sets the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High-Pressure Washer apart?

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is a powerful pressure washer that you can use for almost any purpose. It comes with a huge collection of accessories to make sure you have what you need, as we listed above. If these accessories aren’t what you need, you can choose from a wide selection of Sun Joe accessories and products that are compatible with this pressure washer. The powerful 1800-watt motor will be able to handle any task you throw at it.

  • Comes with a host of accessories for different applications
  • More accessories available
  • Powerful 1800-watt motor

What could be improved?

While this pressure washer works well on cars, patios, siding, and more, there is an issue that Sun Joe could improve on. The hose that connects the pressure washer to your garden hose port could be longer for more mobility.

  • The hose could be longer for more mobility

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Best storage: Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer

Nothing is more important than convenience, especially when it comes to your pressure washer. You want a machine that will get the job done and reduce the associated headaches. The Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer is that machine. With 1700 PSI, this powerful machine is best in Canada for household tasks, including washing cars, bikes, motorcycles, boats, fencing, patios, outdoor furniture, grills, and more.

This versatile machine is easy to set up. Out of the box, it takes approximately five minutes to get set up and ready to get to work. Everything attaches well, and all of the included accessories fit right on the frame for easy storage.

Accessories that fit directly onto the pressure washer include three different nozzle tips, the wand, and an extension piece. The included nozzle tips are a Turbo nozzle for higher pressure, a 15° all-purpose cleaning tip, and a tip to distribute soap. It’s easy to change between these nozzle tips between washing jobs.

There is a large storage bin in the center of the machine that holds the hose, wands, and more. This bucket is removable if you wish, allowing you more options for storage. However, it gives you a lot of room to keep your hoses and cords out of the way as well.

When you need different accessories or tools for harder jobs, it’s easy to find the perfect fit. This pressure washer is compatible with most industry-standard tools and accessories from popular brands.

Tired of bending down to stop and start your pressure washer? The Karcher K1700 has a footswitch to turn the machine on and off. This means you can tap it with your foot when you’re ready to go, and tap it again to turn the machine off. It’s simple to use, and capable of dealing with most small outdoor cleaning products.

Features of the Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer

1700 PSI rating

The Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer’s 1700 PSI rating makes it perfect for small cleaning projects, including decks, cars, and outdoor toys.

Easy set-up

It’s simple to set up this pressure washer. Within 5 minutes, you can have the machine fully assembled and ready to start cleaning things.

Three nozzles included

This pressure washer comes with three nozzles that can easily be switched. This includes a turbo nozzle, a 15° nozzle, and a soap nozzle for distributing detergent. It’s not hard to switch between these nozzles, either.

Foot power switch

You can turn on the Karcher K1700 with the footswitch on the front of the unit. You don’t have to find the switch or even bend down to turn it on. Simply tap the switch to turn the machine on and off again.

What sets the Karcher K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer apart?

The Karcher K1700 offers a host of features for small projects. The 0.5-gallon detergent tank is removable and easy to fill. There is a container in the middle of the machine that is useful for storing the hose and other accessories. Plus, the nozzles are universal. If you want additional accessories, you can use attachments from most other brands.

  • 5-gallon detergent tank
  • Extra storage space
  • Works with industry-standard tools

What could be improved?

Karcher’s K1700 Electric Power Pressure Washer is great for working on smaller cleaning projects, some issues could be addressed. Though it’s not made very clear, you have to pull the trigger to build up pressure inside the machine. This is the only way to get it to start, as it doesn’t start automatically once it’s switched on. This could be more obviously presented to new users.

  • Must pull the trigger to get enough pressure to start the machine

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Best detergent tank: Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Big jobs with caked-on dirt and grime require a lot of soap. For these instances, you need a pressure washer with a large detergent tank. The Sun Joe SPX3001 has one of the largest detergent tanks on our list. It can hold just about 1.2 litres of detergent, which is enough to cut through even the toughest dirt.

On top of this large dirt container, the Sun Joe SPX3001 electric pressure washer offers a ton of power. At 2030 max PSI, you can wash just about anything on the outside of your home. This is great for washing your cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats, fences, siding, and driveways. Your patio and outdoor furniture will never look better!

The onboard hose reel will help keep your cords neat, too. When you aren’t using the machine, simply roll the hose up. It won’t get kinked, tangled, or damage while you aren’t using it. The nozzles and other accessories also fit right onto the pressure washer. You don’t have to worry about misplacing them, as you’ll have all of them together.

This Sun Joe pressure washer uses the Sun Joe Total Stop System, which stops the pump when you aren’t pressing the trigger. This extends the lifespan of your pump and saves electricity, and it’s also a safety mechanism. The pump won’t keep drawing electricity when the trigger isn’t engaged, so you’re less likely to deal with overheating issues.

This pressure washer comes with five different quick connect nozzle tips, including 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°. There is a soap nozzle for distributing detergent as well. They are simple to remove and change. When it’s time to clean them out, use the included cleaning tool to get them working perfectly again. You’ll also get a garden hose adaptor and extension wand to make cleaning that much easier.

Outdoor chores are simple with this pressure washer. You can get all of your outdoor areas and installations sparkling with little effort using the Sun Joe SPX3001 electric pressure washer.

Features of the Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Onboard hose reel

The onboard hose reel makes it easy to store the hose when you aren’t using the machine. It keeps everything tidy and out of the way.

Large detergent tank

The single detergent tank has a capacity of 40.6 fluid ounces or 1.2 litres. Long cleaning sessions aren’t going to be a problem with this extra-large tank.

2030 PSI max/1450 PSI working rating

The Sun Joe SPX3001 is great for smaller cleaning projects, including your deck, outdoor toys, cars, bikes, and more. It won’t get to 2030 PSI often, but when it does it cleans very well.

Total stop system

The Total Stop System helps reduce electricity use and keeps your pump working longer. When you press the trigger, the pump will engage. Releasing the trigger turns the pump off, so it doesn’t keep working after you’ve stopped.

What sets the Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer apart?

The Sun Joe SPX3001 has plenty of great features, so you can use it for most of your smaller outdoor cleaning projects. It comes with a ton of accessories right out of the box, including an extension wand (34 inches), a 20-foot high-pressure hose, a garden hose adaptor, and a needle tool for cleaning out the nozzles. The power cord is 35 feet long, so you don’t have to stay close to the hose when you use the machine. When you’re finished, all of the parts and accessories are stored on the machine. The hose rolls right up, making storage less frustrating.

  • Comes with tons of accessories
  • 35-foot power cord
  • Easy storage

What could be improved?

This pressure washer works well for most applications, though some aspects could be improved. The cords and hoses all come from different sides of the pressure washer, making it difficult to maneuver. The cords and hoses can get tangled up together very easily. The built-in hose reel is convenient, but it can also make the machine awkward and prone to falling over.

  • Cords and hoses can get tangled easily
  • Difficult to maneuver

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Best budget: Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure washers don’t have to cost a fortune, and they don’t have to be large or heavy. The Greenworks GPW1501 gets small jobs done without all of the fuss. This pressure washer is small and portable, so you can move it between your smaller projects easily.

For such a small machine, it offers 1500 PSI. This is the perfect amount of power for cleaning cars, bikes, motorcycles, grills, and other small outdoor pieces. You may even be able to get your outdoor furniture clean with this handheld pressure washer.

The 20-foot hose gives you enough room to move around, and the 35-foot power cord gives you an even wider range. The extension wand allows you to get into those hard-to-reach places. There are two nozzle tips included with the machine (25° and 40°), so you have options for power and ability.

The Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer offers exceptional power for its affordable price and compact size. If you need a smaller machine for smaller projects around the house, this pressure washer might be your best option.

Features of the Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer

Two quick connect tips

This pressure washer comes with two tips that are easy to connect to the wand. These include a 25° and 40° tip to help create diverse cleaning options.

20-foot high-pressure hose

The long 20-foot high-pressure hose gives you a lot of room to move around. Since the pressure washer is small and lightweight enough to maneuver, this gives you even more mobility.

Compact, handheld design

The Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer is extremely small. With dimensions of about 11.4” x 17” x 9.4”, it’s smaller than most of the other pressure washers on our list. There is a handle built into the unit, so you can easily move it around with you from job to job.

What sets the Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer apart?

The Greenworks GPW1501 is a great handheld option when you need just a little bit of cleaning power. It’s an affordable option considering full-sized pressure washers, and it’s lightweight enough to carry around from location to location. The power cord is a full 35 feet long so you have plenty of room to move the machine around.

  • Affordable option
  • Lightweight
  • 35-foot power cord

What could be improved?

There are a few issues that Greenworks could address. This pressure washer works well for small jobs, but it doesn’t contain an onboard soap applicator. The soap applicator is separate and must be used separately.

  • Soap applicator is separate

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Best gas: Simpson MS60551-S Gas Pressure Washer

When a standard residential pressure washer doesn’t do the trick, you’ll need something a little more capable. The Simpson MS60551-S gas pressure washer is a professional-quality machine made for residential use. When you need just a little bit more power, go with this Simpson.

This pressure washer is the only gas-powered machine on our list. Because of its gas motor, it offers 3200 PSI. This is an amazing level of cleaning power that can easily remove the toughest dirt and grime. You can use it on siding, driveways, boats, cars, fencing, outdoor furniture, your deck or patio, and more. The five different nozzle tips (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap) make it easy to adjust the spray and power for different jobs around the house.

Most gas-powered pressure washers require frequent maintenance. They require oil changes, engine care, and need to be drained before they can be stored. While draining the fluids from the Simpson MS60551-S is ideal for longer storage periods, it requires very little maintenance. The crankcase is resistant to corrosion and other damage. You also won’t need to change the oil.

The PowerBoost pump inside allows for higher pressure washes. Even hard-to-remove substances like tree sap won’t cling to surfaces when this pressure washer is involved. Worried about getting over rough terrain? The 10-inch pneumatic tires make it easy to navigate all types of surfaces. Without a power cord, you can take it nearly anywhere.

The hose is made of an extremely durable MorFlex material, making it resistant to abrasions and damage. It’s 25-feet long, so it’s great for reaching those further locations. Overall, this pressure washer is great for those difficult cleaning jobs around the house that your standard pressure washer just won’t cover.

Features of the Simpson MS60551-S Gas Pressure Washer

Powerful gas engine

This pressure washer uses a gas engine. It requires more maintenance over its lifetime, but it also provides more consistent power. Plus, you don’t have to be close to a power outlet.

3200 PSI cleaning power

With 3200 PSI cleaning power, you can easily remove grime, sap, and caked-on dirt from your home’s siding, your driveway, boats, cars, fences, decks, and more. Adjust the nozzle to get the perfect clean on every surface around your home.

10” pneumatic tires

The large, easy-roll tires keep this pressure washer going over a variety of surfaces. They are easy to inflate and maintain air better than similar tires.

No oil changes

One of the main issues with gas pressure washers is the maintenance. This Simpson pressure washer’s crankcase is made of anodized aluminum, so it won’t corrode as easily as some competitors. This erosion and failures associated with it are the most common cause of maintenance issues. In this case, you won’t ever have the change the oil!

5 nozzle tips

Five nozzle tips are included with this pressure washer. These quick connect tips are easy to change and simple to use. They include 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° tips, as well as a soap tip for extreme grime.

What sets the Simpson MS60551-S Gas Pressure Washer apart?

This Simpson pressure washer produces great cleaning results. It’s a great pressure washer for home and commercial use. The hose is flexible and easy to move, but it also resists damage, kinks, and abrasions. You won’t have to replace the hose anytime soon. The PowerBoost pump maintains high pressure throughout your cleaning job. This is a great professional-grade pressure washer that works well for larger jobs.

  • The hose is flexible but resists damage
  • PowerBoost pump technology provides better cleaning power
  • Professional-grade pressure washer for large jobs

What could be improved?

The Simpson MS60051-S Gas Pressure Washer offers professional-level cleaning performance for your home. Still, there are a few things that could be improved. The unit is a bit loud during use. The wheels also don’t lock into place, meaning that the pressure washer moves a lot during use, creating a lot of frustration if you’re moving around a lot. The price is also a drawback since it’s much more expensive than any of the other pressure washers we looked at but it’s also the most powerful.

  • Extremely loud during operation
  • Wheels don’t lock into place
  • Expensive

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Best design: Bosch EasyAquatak 1700 Electric Pressure Washer

In a sea of tall, upright pressure washers, Bosch’s EasyAquatek 1700 electric pressure washer breaks the mould. This option features a low profile, low center of gravity, and outstanding support. Tired of your pressure washer falling over during use? You won’t have to worry any longer.

This pressure washer doesn’t overbalance easily. The long 16.4-foot hose and 23-foot cable allow you plenty of distance, so you can clean just about anything around the house. There are three nozzles included – a roto nozzle for dirtier surfaces, a fan nozzle for gentler jobs, and a high-pressure soap nozzle for distributing detergent.

All of these accessories (plus the wand. Cord, and hose) are stored right on the pressure washer. You won’t lose these nozzles, and the entire unit can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

When you are using it, you can take advantage of the Bosch Auto-Stop System. While other pressure washers may continue to run after you’ve let off the trigger, this one shuts the pump down when the trigger isn’t in use. This means that you use less electricity, and your pump will last longer overall.

With 1700 PSI, this pressure washer is great for light household jobs, including cars, motorcycles, outdoor toys, driveways, deck furniture, and patios. It’s a versatile machine that can help remove tough grime from a variety of surfaces.

Features of the Bosch EasyAquatek 1700 Electric Pressure Washer

Compact design

This pressure washer from Bosch is one of the smaller options on the market. This means that it’s compact, easy to move around, and won’t take up much space in your home.

Integrated accessory storage

Every accessory that comes with this Bosch pressure washer has a space on the washer itself for storage. This allows for less space storing your accessories, and also makes it easier to keep track of everything that comes with the machine.

Bosch auto-stop system

The Bosch Auto-Stop System only engages the pump when the trigger is pulled. It saves on electricity and keeps your pressure washer going for longer, leading to a more efficient system overall.

Three nozzle options

This Bosch pressure washer includes three different nozzles, including the rotary nozzle for getting rid of caked-on grime. Other options are a foam nozzle for soap and a fan jet for washing cars and other low-pressure applications.

What sets the Bosch EasyAquatek 1700 Electronic Pressure Washer apart?

The Bosch EasyAquatek 1700 Electronic Pressure Washer is great for pressure washing jobs around the house. It’s especially great for cleaning cars, washing patios, and more. It’s also very lightweight (just over 11lbs) and portable, so it’s easy to carry around to your cleaning location. Instead of being tall and upright like most pressure washers, this Bosch model has a wider footprint and low profile, meaning it isn’t going to fall over easily.

  • Efficient at household cleaning
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Doesn’t fall over easily

What could be improved?

The Bosch EasyAquatek 1700 provides great power for household cleaning tasks, and it’s easy to carry around. There are still some issues that could be addressed, however. First, the soap dispenser is extremely small. If you need to be able to wash a whole car, you’ll have to fill the dispenser several times. The all-plastic design is solid but a bit less durable than expected. Lastly, the trigger can be a bit stiffer than on other models. It requires a lot of effort to push down.

  • Small soap dispenser
  • All plastic design
  • The trigger can be stiff

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How to choose a pressure washer in Canada

A pressure washer can be a great investment, but most efficient pressure washers are costly. You want to choose the best pressure washer for your needs the first time. To choose the best pressure washers in Canada for our list, we looked at the following features and specifications. Keep these things in mind as you shop for a pressure washer.

Motor type

There are two types of pressure washers. The type is defined by the motor it uses – electric pressure washers require an outlet to run, whereas gas pressure washers use gasoline, much like most lawnmowers or cars.

  • Electric pressure washers are the least expensive type of pressure washers. They are quieter on average and work just fine for smaller residential tasks. However, they don’t have the same mobility as gas pressure washers. Electric units are usually less powerful and have a lower PSI rating than comparable gas pressure washers.
  • Gas pressure washers are expensive but powerful. If you are going to be using your pressure washer frequently (or using it commercially), a gas option is best. They offer higher PSI ratings, more power, and a better clean. However, you will have to purchase gas for fuel. They are louder and may require additional maintenance over time. However, they aren’t restricted based on the location of a power outlet.


Pressure washers in Canada have a variety of specifications that measure power, and all of them can tell you how well the machine will clean. We’ll look at some of the different measures of power, including PSI, GPM, CPU, amperage, and wattage.

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

PSI is one of the key features advertised for each pressure washer. It stands for ‘pounds per square inch’, and represents the pressure that a pressure washer can produce. Higher PSI machines can handle tougher messes, including oil stains, tree sap, and more hard-to-remove grime. Lower PSI ratings are better for cars, as they are less likely to remove paint and clear coat from the body.

  • 1500 PSI machines can handle cleaning vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, patio furniture, stairs, and some other light outdoor applications. Machines rated between 1500 PSI and 2000 PSI are generally considered light-duty machines.
  • 2000 PSI machines are great for sidewalks, fencing, deck cleaning, garage floors (including removing oil), and driveway cleaning. These medium-duty machines can also handle light-duty jobs, making them perfect for all-around residential cleaning efforts.
  • 3000+ PSI machines are better for commercial uses, including siding, stain removal, and blasting away the toughest dirt and grime. These heavy-duty pressure washers are usually gas-powered and expensive enough to justify professional use.

GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

Gallons per minute is a simpler measurement. It’s exactly what it sounds like – how many gallons of water the pressure washer uses per minute. Lower GPM machines are better for conserving water, but they won’t get your pressure washing jobs done as quickly.

For quick cleaning, go with a pressure washer that has a higher GPM rating. The more water being delivered per minute, the more grime that the machine is washing away.

CPU (Cleaning Power Units)

Once you know the PSI rating and the GPM rating of a machine, you can calculate the CPU, or cleaning power units. When you multiply the pressure washer’s PSI and GPM rating together, you get the CPU rating.

The higher the CPU rating, the better the pressure washer is at cleaning your surfaces. It’s a simpler measurement than looking at the PSI or GPM alone, but some pressure washers don’t provide this figure.

Amperage and wattage

Amperage and wattage are also common power ratings for pressure washers. They are directly linked, as higher amperages create higher wattage motors.

An amperage of between 13 and 20 amps is ideal for a good pressure washer. With these amperage ratings, you’re looking at motors that are about 1500 watts or more. Anything below these levels isn’t going to stand up to heavier cleaning tasks. When it comes to amperage and wattage, larger numbers are better.

Still, you have to pay attention to the amperage or wattage and make sure that it doesn’t get too out of hand. Extremely high ratings might not be supported by your home’s power.

Detergent tank capacity

While most pressure washers can clean with pressure and water, some tough jobs require soap. For this reason, pressure washers come with soap containers to help clean off that tough dirt and grime.

For larger jobs, such as concrete driveways, entire home siding, and large decks, you’ll want as much soap as possible to make your job easier. If you are going to be routinely cleaning larger spaces, choose a pressure washer with a larger detergent tank.

Small detergent tanks don’t affect performance, but they do make it harder to complete the job. You’ll have to stop and refill the detergent tank frequently if it’s too small, interrupting your cleaning and extending the time that it takes to complete.

A capacity greater than 0.5 litres is recommended for most larger cleaning jobs.

Hose length and storage

The hose connecting the power washer to your water source is important, too. This hose should be durable enough to withstand abrasions and kinks, as you’ll likely be dragging it around with your machine.

The length of the cord is important for this reason. You need to be able to move the machine around to different cleaning areas. Choose a longer cord if possible to avoid using hose extensions or frustrating issues with the hose.

Storing the hose may also be an issue, so make sure to look for onboard hose storage. Some pressure washers have hose spools,

Power cord

The power cord is one of the most important parts of your electric pressure washer. Of course, you’ll need to plug electric pressure washers into a power outlet to use the machine. To this end, the power cord that comes with your pressure washer will surely be able to handle the power load.

While having the right cord isn’t a concern, the length of the cord is important. If you are close to a power outlet that can handle the output, a shorter power cord is okay. However, due to the nature of pressure washers, you’ll probably want a cord that allows you to move around, maneuver the machine, and reach areas that are further away.

To this end, choose the longest power cord you can find. Most pressure washers have a built-in spool for your power cord (not unlike standard vacuum cleaners). You won’t have to worry about longer cords tangling. Still, you want the longest possible cord so you can get the machine to all the places you want to clean.


Your pressure washer is only as versatile as the accessories you have. Accessories such as nozzle tips want extensions, brushes, and other cleaning tools that can help you with more involved cleaning tasks. Though most pressure washers on our list come with nozzle tips, some come with extra hose extensions and more.

Nozzle tips change the way your pressure washer works. They attach to the end of the wand nozzle to change the spray pattern and power of the machine. Smaller nozzle tips create more powerful pressure (with 0° being the most powerful). The larger the nozzle tip is, the less pressure you’ll get during its use. Many pressure washers also include soap tips which are ideal for spreading detergent on those hard-to-clean surfaces.

Brushes, extensions, foam cannons, and more can be purchased separately from the manufacturer. Always make sure to check that the accessories are compatible with your pressure washer model.

Final thoughts

Pressure washers can make your life a little bit cleaner. It can be extremely satisfying to remove dirt and grime from your patio, outdoor furniture, car, and siding. Any of the best pressure washers in Canada on our list could help you with these tasks. We’re sure that you’ll find a machine that best fits your needs and budget on our list.

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