Pierre Thauvette has been re-elected to a new four-year term as mayor of the village of Grenville. 

Thauvette won the November 7 election with 489 votes over challenger Walter Berniquez, who received 116 votes. Thauvette became interim mayor in November 2018, following the death of then-Mayor Luc Grondin and was acclaimed to the position in a special election held in March 2019. 

“I’m very happy and content,” was how Thauvette described the results of Sunday’s election.  

Thauvette has served on Grenville council for more than 25 years and is a life-long resident of the village. His short time as mayor has been characterized by securing $5.5 million in federal and provincial funding for the rehabilitation of the historic Grenville Canal, federal funding for a roof over the outdoor rink, and provincial funding for recreational path improvements and expansion. The village has also repaved many streets in recent years and improvements have been made to the drinking water purification system.  

“We have a lot of projects here,” Thauvette noted. 

The mayor-elect is planning to continue with the imiplemenation of those various projects. Thauvette said the call for bids on the contract for further rehabilitation work on the Grenville Canal are scheduled to close on November 9.  

Elections also took place for two council seats in Grenville on November 7. Incumbent Seat 1 Councillor André Lemay was re-elected with 437 votes over Lyne Anne Kennedy’s 174 votes. For Seat 2, incumbent André Woodbury received 435 votes, which led to his re-election against challenger Jessica Généreux-Carriere 

Incumbent councillors Louis-André Desjardins, Peter Dopelhamer, Roger Lalonde, and Jocelyne Louis-Seize were each acclaimed.