St-André-d’Argenteuil will have a new mayor.

In an upset victory, Stephen Matthews defeated incumbent Marc-Olivier Labelle in the November 7 municipal election. Matthews received 465 votes and Labelle was just 20 votes behind with 445. Matthews has thanked voters for their support on social media.

Labelle’s term as mayor has been characterized by the response to serious flooding along Rivière du nord and the Ottawa River in 2017 and 2019, and the recent difficulties with the municipal water system resulting in reduced supply to homes and businesses. 

Elections for council seats took place in Districts 3, 5, and 6 in St-André-d’Argenteuil. Jacques Decoeur won with 108 votes in District 3, while Denis Pelland received 85 votes. In District 5, Audrey Paquette Poulin received 172 votes, defeating incumbent Marc Bertrand, who finished with 52 votes. With 72 votes, District 6 incumbent Michel Larente also lost his council seat to Pierre Fournier, who got 98 votes. 

Incumbent District 1 councillor Michael Steimer, Patrick Coté in District 2, and Jessica Larivière in District 4 were each acclaimed. 


Incumbent Gore mayor Scott Pearce, who also leads Scott Pearce Team party, was re-elected with 721 votes. Challenger Georges Lapointe placed a distant second with 76 votes. 

Scott Pearce team candidates took every council seat in Gore. Sakina Khan and incumbents Alain Giroux, Shirley Roy, and Anselmo Marandola were each acclaimed to council. Scott Pearce Team candidate Daniel Leduc was elected to Seat 1 with 687 votes while Stephane Moisan received 102 votes. Incumbent Anik Korosec won Seat 5 decisively with 685 votes while Christian Fauconnier received 97 votes. 


There was no municipal election in Wentworth. Incumbent mayor Jason Morrison, incumbent councillors Philippe Cyr, Bill Gauley, Jay Brothers, and Gilles Ouellette were each acclaimed. Newcomers Allan Page and Pierre Demers were also acclaimed. Morrison, and the entire new council are part of the W.I.L.D. Wentworth party. 


Pierre Richard will serve as the next mayor of Harrington. He received 259 votes in Sunday’s election followed by Gabrielle Parr with 228 votes, and Keith Robson with 35 votes. 

Incumbent councillors Chantal Scapino, Robert Dewar, and Richard Francoeur were each acclaimed to another term on council. Julie James received 229 votes, defeating incumbent Seat 2 councillor Peter Burkhardt who received 173 votes. Candidate Martin McNicoll finished third with 103 votes in that race. 

Seat 3 incumbent councillor Sarah Lacasse Dwyer was narrowly defeated. Daniel St-Onge won the seat with 253 votes while Lacasse-Dwyer received 246 votes. 

Incumbent Gerry Clark was elected to council Seat 6 with 311 votes while challenger Arthur Morrison finished with 187 votes. 


Mille-Isles incumbent mayor Howard Sauve, along with incumbent councillors Francis Léger, Diane Bélair, Cassandre Lescarbeau, Julie Léveillé, and Dawn Charles were all acclaimed to a new term on November 7. The only election was for council Seat 1 where 116 votes went to Yvon Arnold, and Manon Loiselle placed second with 98 votes.