To The Editor,

Glasgow, climate change meeting, it just seems to be just one more photo shoot opportunity – all the rich flying in on their private jets. From what I understand they want to try to buy their way out of climate change with $130 trillion dollars. I guess we really haven’t learned anything over the last few hundred years, as we continue to place the economy above everything, especially the environment.

It’s all about the money, always was and always will be. That’s why we’re screwed. We honestly believe we can fix in a few years, a planet we’ve been trying to destroy for a couple of hundred years. Our arrogance is only exceeded by our greed.

If it were up to me, I would put a stop to deforestation today, but that won’t happen because of all the jobs that would be lost, and the lumber business wouldn’t stand for it – what with all the houses being built. My question, Mr. Prime Minister: How many homes, condominiums and apartments are sitting empty after being bought by speculators from foreign countries – especially China? You said recently – before our 610-million-dollar waste of an election – that you would look into speculators buying. Guess what, P.M., you’re seven years too late, but you’re late for everything, aren’t you? Like the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. I can’t believe your stupidity and rudeness and arrogance, but deep down, it doesn’t surprise me. The government of Canada, basically us Europeans, have been trying to destroy the Indigenous people from the moment we landed on the shores of this amazing country that was kept pristine for thousands of years by the very people we tried to and are continuing to try to make disappear – their way of life, ceremonies, language and spirituality.

To the First Nations people, all their relations relate to being one with the land and every tree, blade of grass, stream, river, lake, beetle, bear, moss – everything – are all connected to this planet profoundly. They can see that, but most of us can’t.

Most of you reading this letter won’t remember it, because of a short attention span – brought on by your hi-tech addiction, algorithms feeding your thirst for more and more, preferring a virtual world over the real world, or a blue screen over a blue sky. Basically over-indulging in the electronics available is frying your brain. That’s why for most of you every day of the week is Fryday and you don’t even know it.

Unless China, Russia, India and Japan – all countries big on coal fired reactors – unless they tone down, and the moron in Brazil stops destroying the rain forest – which won’t happen – and until deforestation in our country comes to a stop, our future is pretty bleak and all those trillions of dollars just won’t cut it.

As members of the human race, we should realize it’s a very small world. Unfortunately the powers that be – governments around the world and basically most of us – are in a mental rut, going through the daily rituals of life believing we can’t do anything to change the mess and preferring to sit on the sidelines and let the governments fix this, when it’s because of those very people we are in this mess.

You can make a difference. Avoid the small water bottles, make your own coffee at home, plant a tree, or try to avoid killing one, and pressure government officials into protecting the local forests.

I thank you. Good luck.

Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill