So the nations of the world say they are concerned about de-forestation. What does that mean for those who live in Prescott-Russell? The 100 world leaders representing more than 85 per cent of the planet’s forests have committed to end the practice of clear cutting by 2030. So where do our municipal governments stand? That question is hard to answer!  Maybe the provincial government should be asked about their stand on the issue. But removal of our canopy has to stop.

There are many that speak about climate change but few that think they have to make changes in their life habits. We lament the deteriorating life options of the polar bear, as their availability to a food source falters thanks to climate change. We hear about the floods and the fires; the droughts followed by the deluge that become a deterrent to food production and go on about our day saying the government must do something.

Yes, the government must do something, but so should we.  The use of fossil fuel is the major cause and the citizens of the world are the main users.  Start thinking how each one can reduce our use of items made of petro and natural gas. When shopping think of all the things that are pre-packaged in plastic. Do you realize that plastic is made from petroleum, and most of that packaging has a single use? The carbon is in the air and the plastic is most likely on the way to the ocean.  Stop buying items packaged in plastic. Yes, that includes cookies in the store or market.

Then there is use of the gasoline engine. Until this government wakes up and takes the necessary steps to make electric vehicles more accessible to the majority and adds stations to refuel those vehicles we must take measures to reduce our individual use. We could cut lawns every two weeks, or buy electric mowers, and other small tools like leaf blowers and whipper snippers that are now available.

There are many things we could change but we must find the will. Lets begin by planting more trees and cutting less.

Dennis King
Vankleek Hill