The Municipalité régionale du comté (MRC) d’Argenteuil is now part of the PAIR program, a free, personalized, automated call service for seniors in the area. 

The MRC d’Argenteuil and its nine municipalities have decided to join the PAIR program in order to allow seniors to maintain their independence while ensuring peace of mind for their family and friends. The service targets seniors living alone and has been offered in other regions of Québec since 1990. It has assisted hundreds of people and has even saved lives. 

PAIR makes an automated phone call daily to participating seniors at a predetermined time, seven days a week. In the event of no response, an audit is systematically initiated to check if the subscriber is in distress. If none of the person’s contacts may be reached, PAIR will contact emergency services. 

“We need to reinforce safety in Argenteuil,” said MRC d’Argenteuil crime prevention agent Chantal Ranger. “The service complements other services that already exist.” 

PAIR is designed to keep people safe while maintaining their independence. 

MRC d’Argenteuil Prefect Scott Pearce acknowledged it can be sad when elderly people can no longer live totally independently, but still want to do so.

The PAIR program in Argenteuil is made possible with funding from the Québec department of municipal affairs and housing, the MRC d’Argenteuil, the Sûreté du Québec, the CISSS des Laurentides regional health authority, Table Parole aux aînés d’Argenteuil, Prévoyance envers les aînés des Laurentides, and the Centre d’action bénévole d’Argenteuil.     

According to MRC d’Argenteuil  Director-General Marc Carrière, it will cost $8,000 to introduce PAIR, and $4,000 annually to maintain.  

“It’s priceless. It’s very modest for costs,” commented Carrière. 

To register, those interested in PAIR may complete a preregistration form on the Argenteuil PAIR website, or contact the MRC d’Argenteuil at 450 562-2474.