The Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation (PRCDC) is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2021, having disbursed more than $40 million in the United Counties since 1986.

Since its inception, the PRCDC has disbursed an average of $1,135,000 annually in financial support to 1,063 projects carried out by businesses and organizations in the Prescott-Russell communities.

From the Hawkesbury Business Service Centre, to the Hawkesbury Community Development Assistance Committee, as well as the Prescott-Russell Community Development Assistance Committee and the Prescott-Russell Expertise and Financing Corporation and the Prescott-Russell Assistance Centre for businesses to finally become the Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation (PRCDC) as we all now know it.

Highlights from the PRCDC over the past 35 years include:

➔ $39,748,504 of PRCDC investments

➔ $29,506,183 in loans and $10,242,321 $ in non refundable contributions

➔ 1,063 supported businesses and projects

➔ 6,619 jobs maintained and created

➔ $157,809,206 of direct impacts in the Prescott-Russell communities

Thanks to the continued commitment of the Government of Canada through FedDev Ontario, the members of the PRCDC board of directors and staff , the PRCDC has been able to maintain its role as a leader in the successes of business and entrepreneurial projects, and in the economic development of the Prescott-Russell region.

“As the only regional economic development organization, the PRCDC has demonstrated, once again, the importance of its work on the ground in the communities,” said Eric Drouin, PRCDC’s Chairperson. “Our personalized support services for businesses, and our employees and administrator’s expertise play an important role in the businesses growth and competitiveness and the economic prosperity of our region.”

Over the years, the PRCDC has gone through a multitude of challenges; such as recessions, the 1998 ice storm and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Since the very beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, there has been  solidarity across the region, with multiple organizations mobilizing to help local businesses.

The PRCDC’s mission is to stimulate the economic development of its communities in a sustainable and innovative way, by supporting businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations in their projects to maintain and increase the economic viability of the Prescott-Russell region.