This fall, the Prescott-Russell Hoarding Response Coalition is launching a new prevention and education campaign aimed at preventing and reducing the negative impacts of hoarding in the households of various municipalities in Prescott and Russell.

A bilingual fact sheet called ’10 Steps to a Safer, Healthier, More Comfortable Home’ will be distributed to homes at the same time as the various fire departments conduct their regular fire prevention campaigns in their communities. With the help of a checklist, this sheet simply explains the various ways to prevent the risks of fire, unsanitary conditions and other dangers often associated with hoarding.

The creation and printing of this fact sheet was made possible through the collaboration and financial support of the local HSJCC Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott and Russell and Akwesasne, the Wellington Guelph Hoarding Network and the Canadian Mental Health Association Champlain East.

The Prescott-Russell Hoarding Response Coalition has been in existence since 2012. Members of the coalition come from various sectors, such as mental health, municipal and social services. They work together to prevent negative consequences associated with hoarding, such as fires and evictions.

A collaborative approach that considers the mental health challenges of individuals has proven to be very effective in helping to maintain the housing and well-being of people affected by hoarding, their families and sometimes even their neighbors. Training, meetings, mutual aid and partnerships between members are part of the Collaborative Agreement of the Prescott-Russell Hoarding Response Coalition.

For more information on the Coalition and the services that can help, please contact Johanne Renaud of CMHA CE – Coalition Co-Chair or Annie of CMHA CE – Intensive Case Manager and Coalition member at 1-800-493-8271.