Prescott-Russell Community Services (PRCS) has launched a new Seniors Wellness Program. This program aims to improve the living conditions of seniors and their caregivers through in-person visits and simple solutions adapted to their needs.

“Loneliness affects many seniors and the pandemic has only made things worse. People may have neglected their health or struggled to meet some basic needs for fear of contracting the virus when leaving home or for lack of resources,” explains Sylvie Lefebvre, PRCS Executive Director.

A social work technician answers calls and visits people in their homes.

“There are all kinds of needs. Some people need a listening ear to break their isolation or express their distress. Others are in need of food, clothing or medication and may be afraid to disturb by asking for help. Some people are in need of a social life. Many no longer have family or a network of friends or may not be aware of existing services,” says Sophie Ménard, program coordinator. “Our role is to support them by assessing the situation, offering immediate help or referring them to other appropriate resources.”

The Seniors Wellness Program is free of charge and is available to people 55 years of age and older, or those with special needs. People can ask for help for themselves or a loved one, or call to refer a neighbor or other people in need. The number to call is 613-632-0939 or 1-800-267-0853.

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