To the Editor:

The People’s Vaccine Alliance, a coalition of more than 75 human rights and public health organizations from around the world, estimated that just 13 per cent of the roughly one billion vaccine doses that G7 nations pledged to donate in June have been delivered thus far – a lag that has allowed COVID-19 to continue running rampant in poor regions, as rich countries begin rolling out booster campaigns.

As it stands now, just 1.9% of people in low-income countries have received only one coronavirus vaccine dose. Experts estimate that 13 billion doses will be necessary to end the global pandemic. Canada, as a member of G7, should push for the United States and other members and pharmaceutical companies to share the vaccine technology and know-how with manufacturers around the world. This would help low-income countries to ramp up regional production.

It is up to the higher-income world leaders to make the decision now at the summit to expand vaccine manufacturing and protect millions more lives from the disease. Sharing the vaccine worldwide will help end the deadly pandemic and possibly any mutations of the virus.


Rev. Fred Cappuccino, M.C.
Bonnie Cappuccino, M.C.