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Most people will work an office job of some sort at least once in their lives, and those that do know just how important a good chair is for your comfort, focus, and wellbeing throughout the workday. An uncomfortable chair is a recipe for disaster even for short periods of time, and everyone deserves a comfortable, supportive office chair to promote proper mental and physical health in an office setting. Our list of the best office chairs in Canada will help you choose the perfect office chair for your workspace, either at home or in the office.

Why trust us?

We spent 19 hours researching office chairs to ensure we chose the best office chairs in Canada. We evaluated more than 15 chairs on a number of factors including comfort, support, adjustability, affordability, and durability. We included picks that suit a variety of office setups, body types, and budgets to ensure that everyone finds a suitable choice in our list.

Best office chairs in Canada

Best overall: FelixKing adjustable office chair

As far as office chairs go, the FelixKing office chair has every feature you could need when working at home or in a traditional office setting. From top to bottom, this chair focuses on comfort, support, and versatility to suit every office, every person, and every budget. The mesh backing of the chair promotes maximum airflow so you can sit for hours and avoid that sticky, sweating lower back on hot days. It is slightly curved to follow our back’s natural shape and is supportive of an ergonomic sitting position when at your desk. The seat of the chair is a thick foam sponge that decompresses enough to cushion but never bottoms out entirely and is comfortable for long periods of time since it doesn’t restrict blood flow to the legs and feet.

The FelixKing chair is one of the best for adjustability as well. The chair swivels 360° so you can spin circles on a break or monitor a wall of screens without craning your neck or twisting your back. The casters on the bottom are incredibly durable as well and will roll easily over any floor surface. It has an optional 30° incline if you want to relax on the job, and the height of the chair can be adjusted to match your leg length and desk height so that you’re straight and your knees are at a comfortable angle for long term sitting. The back of the chair has an adjustable butterfly back to match your body, and the armrests can be lifted up out of the way whenever needed to fit a wider hip or provide more freedom. The armrests are also covered in thick foam padding for comfort at the elbows and arms at rest. This chair is also ideal for larger people since it is designed with extra-wide seats (17” x 19”) and can support up to 300 lbs.

What sets the FelixKing adjustable office chair apart?

The feature that sets the FelixKing office chair apart is the butterfly back. This adjustable feature allows users to change how the chair supports their back so that it more effectively provides support and reduces strain on the spine. This feature allows users to sit for longer periods of time with a relaxed spine for ergonomic health at your desk. We’re also pleased by the flip-up armrests since not many office chairs offer this highly desirable feature. Finally, the FelixKing office chair is better designed for the comfort of larger persons since the seat is wider and it supports a higher weight capacity than the average office chair, and we appreciate the thoughtfulness of the design to cater to a wider group of people.

What could be improved on?

Some office chairs have a larger grade of recline, so that could be an area of improvement in the future to give users more choice when it comes to the directionality of the chair. A larger height adjustment window would also be appreciated since 8cm is fairly small. We would also like to see height adjustment options for the armrests as well since everyone’s arm length is different.

Performance of the FelixKing adjustable office chair


With a wider seat, thickly padded armrests, and an adjustable mesh back, the FelixKing adjustable office chair is one of the most comfortable on the market – and it is comfortable for all shapes and sizes as well.


The support of the FelixKing office chair is top-notch thanks to an innovative chair back with adjustable support to suit the needs of a variety of users. However, there isn’t any contouring of the seat which other high-performance chairs offer.


This FelixKing office chair is one of the most adjustable out there. It can be customized at the armrests, back, seat, and height to ensure that you can personalize the chair to your exact setup and remain comfortable and supported no matter your height and body shape.

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Best value: BestOffice mesh office chair

The BestOffice mesh office chair is an affordable but supportive and comfortable option for those who need a reliable chair but can’t afford to splurge. For the price, we are happy with the quality and durability offered by the BestOffice chair. The seatback is contoured for the natural curvature of the spine and will help support a relaxed lumbar position, though this isn’t adjustable and may not be perfectly suited to every height. The armrests are sturdy but are not padded, so you may want to opt for a different chair if you spend your entire day with your elbows on the armrests.

The chair supports 250 lbs. and is incredibly sturdy. It is height adjustable and swivels 360 degrees for speed in a busy work environment. It also has a height lock to ensure that you won’t accidentally lose your position if you hit the adjustment pedal by accident. The seat cushion isn’t very thick but it is very supportive and extra breathable for better ventilation. The mesh back design is great for airflow as well and will keep you comfortable and cool. Considering the affordable price of the BestOffice chair, the performance is ideal, but those who require additional support or want greater customizability may not be satisfied.

What sets the BestOffice mesh office chair apart?

The key feature of the BestOffice mesh chair is breathability. The mesh back is much more breathable than standard leather options and the seat foam is designed for optimal airflow as well. On hot days, users will appreciate this breathable design. The quality and durability you receive for the price is also quite impressive – this chair offers excellent value to buyers.

What could be improved on?

Since this is a budget office chair, there are numerous features missing that are common on higher-end options. This chair would benefit from adjustable armrests, adjustable recline options, a thicker seat, and better-padded armrests. However, for such an affordable chair, the quality offered is to be expected and these improvements would most likely raise the price.

Performance of the BestOffice mesh office chair


Compared to other office chairs in the same price range, the BestOffice chair is quite comfortable. However, it is much less comfortable than more expensive options that possess thicker seats, padded armrests, and more adjustments that suit your unique body shape.


When it comes to lumbar support, this chair is fairly competitive since the seat back is contoured to fit into your spine and help you keep a straight back. Unfortunately, it is not a great performer for ergonomic support since it isn’t as customizable for your workspace.


The adjustability of the BestOffice mesh office chair could be very much improved. Though we appreciate the height adjustment feature, this is incredibly basic and does not cater to a wide enough customer base if we’re trying to achieve a proper ergonomic setup. For casual use, it is just fine.

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Best support: DJ Wang office chair

The DJ Wang office chair is easily the most popular chair on the market. It has an incredibly unique, sophisticated design that keeps users comfortable and supported for a dozen hours or more at a time. This high-end chair is made of premium faux leather that is incredibly resistant to wear and tear for excellent longevity. The adjustability of this office chair is top-notch with multiple options for recline, height, angle, and tilt adjustable armrests, height-adjustable seat, and adjustable (and optional) support pillows at the head and lumbar regions. This chair even has a built-in footrest that can be flipped up or folded under whenever you want.

The seat and back of the chair are curved to hug the natural shape of your body while the lumbar support pillow provides the right amount of cushioning to keep your spine relaxed and supported in an ergonomic position. The PU leather is easy to clean in case of spills and the seat cushion is incredibly thick for long-lasting comfort in the chair. The casters are nylon to protect floors and roll smoothly over every surface, and they won’t make any noise even on hard floors. This chair has a 300lb weight limit and weighs over 50lbs for maximum stability when fully reclined. Anyone who can afford to splurge on this DJ Wang office chair will start looking forward to the workday just so they can enjoy this chair.

What sets the DJ Wang office chair apart?

There are numerous features that set this office chair apart. First, the recline extends to 180 degrees, meaning you can essentially lie straight out in this chair without tipping over. Second, it has a built-in retractable footrest so you can support your legs and enjoy full relaxation while you sit through endless meetings through your computer. The support pillows are an excellent touch since they are optional but provide cushioning for the spine, head, and neck to keep users comfortable for hours at a time. The contouring of the seat and chair back is also unique, and it helps with blood circulation and comfort when sitting for long periods. We are also pleased by the adjustability of the armrests since they are customizable by height, tilt, and angle for maximum comfort in your workspace. The height of the chair back is also unique and will make taller users very happy.

What could be improved on?

The only feature lacking with the DJ Wang office chair is breathability. Mesh materials are best for air circulation, and the thick leather makeup of this chair means it isn’t very durable. The armrests could also use a little padding since they are hard plastic. However, this is a small price to pay for the incredible features, support, and cushioning offered by this office chair.

Performance of the DJ Wang office chair


The DJ Wang office chair is incredibly comfortable. The seat is incredibly thick, the armrests are adjustable to fit your body comfortably, and the recline essentially allows you to lie down while you work. The comfort of this office chair truly is unbeatable by 97% of the competition.


The support provided by the DJ Wang office chair is top-notch as well. The seat and back are contoured for your body and the lumbar support pillow keeps your spine in the correct position for an ergonomic seat when at your desk. Not many chairs offer the same support as the DJ Wang office chair since it is designed specifically for long-term support and comfort.


The adjustability of the DJ Wang office chair truly is unbeatable. Not only does it have the same basic features such as swivel and height adjustments of the seat, but the armrests are entirely customizable, the chair reclines, and the pillows offer excellent versatility for your sitting position. 

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How to choose an office chair


When looking at the comfort of an office chair, you must consider both the seat and the chair back since they are equally important. The seat cushion should be at least 2-3 inches thick so that there is enough cushioning for your body and you won’t sink right through the foam. The seatback should be padded or curved as well since you’ll be resting against it for hours at a time. One feature that many shoppers forget to consider carefully is the armrests of the chair. Though these are less often padded, if you’re the type who uses the rests all day long, an inch or more of foam padding is necessary to avoid sore elbows.


The key performance indicator of a good office chair is its level of adjustability. At the most basic level, you’ll have height adjustment only. In more high-end models, there are a lot more options for personalizing your chair, including recline, adjustable armrests either front to back, side to side, up and down, or a combination of these, and sometimes even the back support. An ergonomic setup is essential for your body health when sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day, so these adjustable features are a necessity for personalizing your workspace and adjusting the chair for your body.


The price of an office chair varies greatly depending on the quality, brand, and features you choose. No matter your budget, there are numerous options that can be comfortable and supportive, but the higher your budget, the more likely you are to find a chair that ticks all the boxes. If you’ll be using your chair for long periods of time every day, you should budget accordingly since it will be worth the higher cost for the comfort and support you receive. Plus, a higher-quality chair will last longer and potentially save money in the long run compared to replacing your chair every year instead of every 10 years, so durability is something to consider when looking at price as well. Though you shouldn’t exceed a comfortable budget, you shouldn’t look for the absolute cheapest option either as your body will suffer for it.


The support of the office chair you use is just as important as its comfort. Sitting at a desk for hours every day is harder on the body than many people realize, and the best way to combat this is to choose an office chair that offers the support you need. You’ll want a chair that has a contoured straight back that keeps you sitting up straight for best results. Lumbar support pillows are another great support tool that many chairs have to encourage proper posture when sitting at your desk.

Seat size

Depending on your height and weight, you may have struggled in the past to find an office chair that fits you comfortably. People with shorter legs may struggle to sit properly with their feet on the floor if the seat is too long, but heavier people may struggle to fit comfortably if the seat is too narrow. You should consider the dimensions of the seat closely to be sure that it will work for your body shape and leg height since this has a big impact on how comfortable you are when sitting at your desk for longer stretches. You should also look at how thick the seat is as this will also influence your comfort level over time. 

Weight capacity

Office chairs typically support up to 250 lbs. regardless of how big they are, but some people may need a chair that supports 300 lbs. or more, so they may need a heavier, sturdier chair that has a higher weight capacity. Though a 250lb weight capacity doesn’t mean that someone who is 260 lbs. will break the chair, it will degrade faster and may not move as smoothly compared to a chair designed to hold that much weight. To be safe, stick below the weight capacity of the office chair to make sure its longevity and performance aren’t affected.


Office chairs are available in a variety of materials, from wood to plastic to genuine leather, but the mesh and faux leather chairs are by far the most popular. Mesh chairs are best for people who require more airflow to be comfortable avoid back sweats, but faux leather chairs typically offer better comfort and support since they are usually thickly padded and contoured for the body. The type of chair you choose is ultimately up to you, but you should consider the durability of the material you choose and how its performance will affect your experience using it.


Not all office chairs have a recline feature, but those that do are widely popular. A reclining chair offers freedom to users so that they can relax a bit more when sitting through meetings or working for long hours. This change in position can make long days more tolerable for your body, and the adjustability of reclining office chairs means that you can choose to practically lay down, sit up straight, or something in between depending on the type of work you’re performing.

Seat back height

The height of the chair’s back is an important factor for comfort and support. Since people vary greatly in height and length of torso, not everyone will find the same office chairs comfortable. A chair with a short seat back may not offer enough lumbar support for a taller person, but a chair with a seat back that is too tall won’t conform properly to the body of a short person since the contouring won’t line up with the shorter torso. You should measure your own torso and compare it to a number of chair backs to be certain that the support and contouring will align with your body to ensure you’ll be comfortable.