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Most of us hate office work because sitting 8 hours a day is painful both physically and mentally. Though our schools do a good job of preparing us for this extended sitting, we hate it. The solution? Use a standing desk! Standing desks are wonderous tools for improving our mood, boosting productivity, and keeping ourselves healthy while we work. If you’re looking to convert from sitting to standing during your workday, choose one of the best standing desks in Canada – conveniently found below.

Why trust us?

We spent 13 hours researching standing desks and evaluated numerous models to find the best standing desks in Canada. We looked at a variety of brands, types, and within a variety of price ranges to select the best desks based on affordability, ease of use, versatility, and overall quality to be sure that no matter which one you choose, you won’t regret it.

Best standing desks in Canada

Best overall: SHW adjustable standing desk

The SHW adjustable standing desk is an equally affordable and high-quality choice for people who want an easy way of improving their health by standing while they work. This stylish black standing desk is powered by an electric motor with a digital display handset that provides space for 4 preset options for easily adjusting for different people, different tasks (typing vs drawing, for example), or standing to sitting. The height adjustment is entirely motorized and can be adjusted from 28” to 46”. This standing desk is made of durable industrial steel to stand the test of time and can hold up to 110 lbs. without breaking a sweat.

The desk itself weighs a little under 70 lbs., but since it has innovative screw-in levelling guides that stabilize the standing desk on top of any floor surface, you won’t have any safety issues even at the tallest setting and it will be perfectly balanced even on carpet. The desk also comes with a grommet for wire management at the back to keep things neat – a helpful feature considering the height of the desk leaves all of your cords exposed. The table is 120 cm long and 60 cm deep, so you’ll have plenty of space for your computer, coffee, notepad, phone, and anything else you need within arm’s reach while you work.

What sets the SHW adjustable standing desk apart?

The defining feature of the SHW adjustable standing desk is the preset function. The desk can adjust to four different height settings with a single press of a button, so you can easily transition from sitting to standing and back again as often as you want. Plus, you’ll never struggle to find the same setting as you used before since the desk will remember your height preference for you – consistency is key for ergonomic health. The significant weight capacity of 110lbs is also quite impressive since many other desks offer a limit of 50lbs or less on average.

What could be improved on?

A great improvement for the future could be a tilt feature for artists, architects, and anyone else drawing up plans or working with pen and paper rather than a computer. Overall, there are no issues with performance or quality.

Performance of the SHW adjustable standing desk

Height adjustment range

With a height adjustment range of 28” to 46”, users of every height will be able to use this standing desk comfortable. 18” is a significant window, and is one of the largest on the market. Users can sit, stand, or hunch over their desks to their heart’s content with this height adjustment range. 

Surface size

This desk surface is quite large and will hold all of your extras regardless of the size of your laptop or computer monitor. You could even use dual monitors if you need additional screen space since the desk surface is so generous. Though there are larger options, this desk beats out most of the competition.

Ease of use

The electric telescopic mechanism for adjusting the desk height makes this one of the easier standing desks to operate. Preset functions ensure you never struggle to get that perfect height setting after a change, and the levelling feet make setup a breeze as well.

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Best adjustable: Anthrodesk programmable standing desk

The Anthrodesk programmable standing desk is one of the higher-end models out there and is designed for maximum efficiency in the workplace, whether that’s in a traditional office setting or in your own home. This desk is a bit unique in that it can be purchased with or without a tabletop so that you can choose to use your own top and save a bit of money or opt for a matching set. The frame is available in 3 colours (black, grey, and white), and the tabletop comes in a variety of sizes from 48” x 30” to 72” x 30”. The tabletops are also available in a number of styles including reclaimed elm, solid beech, walnut veneer, oak veneer, and multiple reversible laminate options so you can essentially have two desks in one and switch between the two depending on your mood or décor style.

The frame can support up to 220 lbs. (without the tabletop) so this gives users plenty of freedom to add accessories and functional tools to their desk surface without stability concerns. The height adjustment window is a generous 27” to 46” for instant transitions between standing and sitting. Users also have the help of a quiet electric motor that moves the frame up and down on its own, saving you the trouble of manual changes. Plus, there are 4 preset options to set custom heights that the frame can remember for next time. The table is sturdy, stable, and built to last.

What sets the Anthrodesk programmable standing desk apart?

The Anthrodesk is very unique in that it can be purchased as a frame only or as a full set, and the tabletops are available in so many style options. This design choice provides incredible versatility when it comes to the functionality and design of the desk since users can go the DIY route for their tabletop and match their décor or choose one of the compatible tabletops. The choice available with this desk makes it one of the most versatile and adjustable on the market. The programmable presets are another unique feature that only the top-rated standing desks possess. We’re also impressed by the weight capacity of 220 lbs. since this is typically where these desks max out.

What could be improved on?

Given the price of the table, we would’ve liked to see more than 4 preset options since more affordable desks also offer 4 presets. A tilt function for the angle of the tabletop would also be a great future improvement, though there are no complaints regarding performance or durability.

Performance of the Anthrodesk programmable standing desk

Height adjustment range

The Anthrodesk programmable standing desk has one of the largest height adjustment ranges on the market with 27” to 46”. This range makes sure that everyone, regardless of height, can use the desk comfortably. This height range also means the desk can be used as a standalone when sitting as well.

Surface size

The surface size of the Anthrodesk varies depending on the tabletop you choose. All are 30” deep, but the length ranges from 48” to 72” depending on the style you choose. These sizes are all generous and afford plenty of space for all tools, equipment, and accessories you need to work.

Ease of use

The electric motor with automatic settings makes this one of the easiest standing desks to use for everyone. It is very simple to set up and the presets make it easier than ever to switch between sitting and standing or adjust the desk for your height. 

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Best value: VIVO standing desk converter

The VIVO standing desk converter is designed to be placed on top of your current desk and adjust to your standing height. This is a manual standing desk, so it is priced more affordably than the electric options on the market and requires a little extra finessing when changing between height settings. The surface space is a bit on the smaller side at 31.5” by 15.7”, but this makes it more portable for smaller workspaces. This table includes a keyboard tray as well, so the smaller surface size isn’t as bothersome since your keyboard, mouse, and smaller accessories have somewhere else to live to leave you space for dual monitors.

The height adjustment is a smaller window than other high-end options, but you still have 15.5” of range to work with since it extends from 4.5” to 20”. Given that the standing desk converter starts out on top of your current desk surface, this height range should be enough for people of any height performing any task. One of the big plusses with this standing desk converter is that it requires minimal assembly and is a great pick for students or children learning at home. It comes with a 33lb Lift Assist to make adjustments easier for users as well, which makes it possible for people to adjust the height smoothly without having to take everything off the desk surface. Though 33lbs is significantly lower than 100lb+ weight capacities, it should be able to support anything you could want to fit onto its smaller surface.

What sets the VIVO standing desk converter apart?

This is one of the most portable standing desks since it is lightweight, folds down to a height of only 4.5 inches, and has a smaller surface. Users could travel back and forth from work to home with this standing desk if desired, and it is a great option for travelling students or younger users who can’t use a larger, heavier standing desk. We’re also very pleased by the inclusion of a keyboard tray since the majority of standing desks are single-surface styles. The smaller size of this standing desk converter does make it compatible with corner desks since it has a shallower depth that fits diagonally on corner desks, which many other standing desks cannot offer.

What could be improved on?

There are a few performance issues with this standing desk since it is a portable and affordable option, but the quality is perfectly ideal. We would like to see improvements for the weight capacity since 33lbs isn’t very much, and a little extra height would be great to cater to the 6’0”+ crowd.

Performance of the VIVO standing desk converter

Height adjustment range

The VIVO standing desk converter is not a traditional standing desk, so the height range is much smaller at 15.5”. Depending on the height of your foundation surface, this will either work perfectly or come up a bit short if you are above 6 feet tall. 

Surface size

The surface size of the VIVO standing desk converter is also a bit on the smaller side, but it does still have room for dual monitors and the two-tiered design provides extra space for things like keyboards, notepads, and calculators you may need while working.

Ease of use

Since this is a manual standing desk, it isn’t as easy to adjust as electric models. Thankfully, the pneumatic system does make it relatively simple to adjust your height. Unfortunately, this standing desk doesn’t have any setting memory, so you won’t have the same consistency if continuously changing between heights.

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What to look for when choosing a standing desk in Canada

Ease of use

There are two types of standing desks to choose from that impact its ease of use: manual or electric. Electric models are more expensive but will move on their own so you don’t have any manual work when adjusting the height of the desk. While helpful, these desks can be more difficult to use and set up, which is where manual options win out. Manual standing desks typically use sliding systems or pneumatic systems to move smoothly with little manpower. Manual standing desks that use hand cranks are probably the hardest to use in terms of physical labour, but they are also usually the simplest to figure out.


The price of a standing desk will vary greatly depending on its size and type. If looking for affordability, a standing desk converter is probably your best bet since they are smaller, most likely to be manual, and are less digitized. The more expensive options will have desirable features like sit and stand functions, a larger height range, electric movement, and memory functions. No matter your budget, there will be an option out there for you, but the features and quality you receive will be quite different.

Surface size 

When looking at surface size, you should consider both the length and the depth of the tabletop on your standing desk. Anything longer than about 30” will support dual monitors, but many tables reach up to 4’ across with a depth of 20” or 30”. The type of work you do will largely influence the size of the desk you need since someone working on a single laptop can get away with a smaller surface while someone using multiple monitors or working with their hands will need more room. You should also consider the shape of the tabletop. Though rectangular standing desks are the most common, there are also ovals and other shapes that may offer more or less space to spread out your work.

Height adjustment range

The height adjustment range of your standing desk will be different depending on its type. Standing desk converters usually offer 10-20 inches of maneuverability while larger stand-and-sit standing desks, or standalone units, have a larger range of up to 2’. Though a greater range is usually advisable since it offers much more flexibility, many people set their desks to one height and never change it, so making sure that it is compatible with your height is the most important thing to determine. 


The material of your standing desk is an important consideration since some materials are sturdier than others. A waterproof finish over any wood-standing desks is recommended since you may accidentally spill that morning coffee if it’s too early in the morning. Steel frames are recommended since they are more durable and can support more weight, though plastic standing desks are lightweight and more portable if you won’t be using it 24/7. There are pros and cons to every material, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference over aesthetic and weight that you can handle if the desk needs to be moved.

Why use a standing desk

There are many reasons why people who convert to standing desks often never go back to sitting for 8 hours a day. If you’re choosing one of the best standing desks in Canada, these benefits will soon apply to you as well.

Burn more calories

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply remain healthy, standing at your desk can burn hundreds of extra calories every week simply by standing instead of sitting while you work. Sitting at your desk is a sedentary activity, but standing requires that your muscles are active and working to keep you upright, which burns calories. Especially if you struggle to find time to exercise properly, standing while you work can be a simple way to burn extra calories while remaining productive.

Improve health

Using a standing desk has been linked to lower blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. Being sedentary is horrible for your heart health, but standing at a desk reduces your sedentary time every day and can help with blood sugar after meals as well. Particularly in those with type 2 diabetes, standing at a desk rather than sitting can drastically reduce insulin spikes after lunch since your body is more active.

Reduce back pain and build back strength

Sitting and being sedentary is proven to degrade your muscles over time, and this can be a challenge to reverse if your job requires you to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. A standing desk will quickly strengthen your back and result in lessened back pain overall in as little as 2 weeks. Back pain is most often caused by muscle weakness, and simply standing in place will strengthen your back and help improve your posture after sitting for years.

Improve mood and energy

Using a standing desk can also give you more energy since sitting can result in fatigue simply because your body is in a resting position. Since standing is an active position, your brain is more focused, active, and you’ll be more energetic with an overall better mood as opposed to remaining seated for your entire workday. Even if you only stand for half the day, you’ll notice an improvement in your mood and energy levels. Since sedentary time is linked to higher rates of anxiety and depression, a standing desk can help with mood improvements in these areas as well.

Boost productivity

Though standing may take some getting used to, especially if your weak back is sore for the first few weeks, once you become accustomed to standing your productivity will be greatly improved since your brain is more active. Standing desks will not limit your efficiency with basic office tasks like typing, but the increase in mood and energy will help you be more productive since your brain remains in that efficient headspace rather than preparing for a nap after lunch when you’re sitting and relaxed.