Municipalities across the Municipalité régionale du comté (MRC) d’Argenteuil are receiving $4,064,423 for road improvements and maintenance from the Québec government.

The government is contributing 2,058,412 to the municipalities of Township of Harrington, Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, and the village of Grenville for construction on municipal roads. The funding was announced by Argenteuil National Assembly member Agnès Grondin on August 2, and is from the local road assistance program of the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ).

Grenville-sur-la-Rouge will use its $1,724,754 share of the funding for $686,982 in improvements for chemin de la Rivière-Rouge, $674,044 for work on chemin Kilmar, and $363,728 for improvements to chemin Harrington.

In the village of Grenville, $274,173 is being used for improvements to rue Principale.

The Township of Harrington is receiving $59,485 and it will be used for work on chemin de la Rivière-Rouge.

The government announced a complete revision of the local road assistance program in February 2021. Among the changes are changes to terms and conditions of the program and simplified administrative procedures.

Maintenance money

On August 2, Grondin also announced $2,006,011 in funding from the local road assistance program for municipal road maintenance across the d’Argenteuil. The greatest amount of the funding at $652,241 is going to Grenville-sur-la-Rouge. Brownsburg-Chatham is receiving $412,639, and $390,015 is being contributed for road maintenance in Harrington.

St-André-d’Argenteuil is receiving $211,492 from Québec for road maintenance and $205,378 is going to Gore for its municipal roads. Mille-Isles, in the northeastern part of Argenteuil, is getting $92,481 for road maintenance, and $41,765 is going to Wentworth for the same purpose.