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Every household needs a vacuum cleaner, regardless of whether they have carpet or not. Brooms and mops just can’t compete with the speed and effective cleaning achieved by using a vacuum. That being said, with so many different models, brands, and types of vacuums out there, it can be daunting to start your search for a new vacuum. Instead of doing it yourself, you can use our guide on the best vacuum cleaners in Canada to choose your next vacuum easily, quickly, and with all the information you need for an educated, informed purchase decision.

Why trust us?

To find the best vacuum cleaners in Canada, we spent more than 19 hours researching all types of vacuums, evaluating their ease of use, effectiveness, power, maneuverability, quality, and value to ensure that we chose the best vacuums for you to consider.

Best vacuum cleaners in Canada

Best Overall: SharkNinja Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum

The SharkNinja Navigator lift-away professional vacuum is a great example of a user-friendly design perfectly paired with undeniable performance. Though this vacuum weighs less than 14 lbs., its suction is strong enough to reach deep into carpets to remove more dirt, dust, and hair from your carpets than heavier vacuums can achieve. It is equipped with an extra-large dirt canister that can hold 2.2 quarts of dirt so you can clean your entire home without needing to pause and empty the bin. The canister easily lifts off the vacuum and brings the hose with it so you can clan stairs, reach ceilings, or vacuum your vehicle without bringing the entire vacuum with you. The cord length is a generous 25ft so you shouldn’t have any issues with reach in larger spaces or open floor plans.

This is one of the best choices for people who struggle with dust allergies and sensitivities since it uses anti-allergen complete seal technology plus a Hepa filter to keep all dust and other allergen particles trapped in the vacuum rather than spit out at your face while you clean. The bottom of the vacuum has a dust-away attachment that has 2 microfiber pads so you can dust your bare floors as you vacuum for 100% dust wrangling capabilities. For an upright vacuum, you’ll be impressed by its ease of steering since it has a slim body (aside from its canister) and the large vacuum head rolls smoothly with dynamic swivel steering to operate as if it were a stick vacuum.

What sets the SharkNinja Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum apart?

One of the outstanding features of the SharkNinja Navigator is its stick-like design. It combines all the best features of stick and upright vacuums for a powerful, maneuverable machine that steers like a stick and has the large canister of an upright vacuum. Dynamic swivel steering also beats out most other vacuums in terms of maneuverability around objects and obstacles since it can turn on a dime and is very easy to control. We’re also very impressed with the ability to remove the canister for stairs, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach places since most upright vacuums do not come apart in this manner. In terms of ease of use and versatility overall, the SharkNinja vacuum beats out the competition hands down. Its extra-large dust capacity also sets it apart since it can handle the tougher, larger jobs without a loss of efficiency or an unmanageable weight.

What could be improved on?

We have no suggestions for improvements with the SharkNinja Navigator lift-away professional vacuum. This vacuum is lightweight, maneuverable, powerful, and versatile to meet all of your cleaning demands with ease.

Performance of the SharkNinja Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum

Surface versatility 

The SharkNinja Navigator is one of the best for surface versatility. It can handle bare floors, carpets of all types, can be dismantled for stairs or reach ceilings, and has multiple attachments for all types of surfaces in and outside of your home, including your vehicle.

Cleaning power 

The SharkNinja Navigator essentially operates as a 2-in-1 vacuum since its large microfiber pads will dust your floors as it vacuums them for double the effectiveness. In terms of suction power, the SharkNinja boasts a powerful 1200 watts and 10 amps for strong, reliable suction at all times.


With swivel steering and a lightweight body, the SharkNinja Navigator vacuum cleaner is very maneuverable. Though it can’t compete with stick options due to its larger bulk, it is one of the best upright vacuums we’ve seen for navigating corners and obstacles since it rolls and turns so smoothly with a stick-like thin-bodied design.

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Best Value: Bissel Cleanview Swivel Upright Vacuum

The Bissel Cleanview is incredibly value-packed when you consider its performance and number of useful features compared to the very reasonable price. We chose this vacuum as our value pick not because it’s cheap but because of the value it offers users. This Bissel vacuum has swivel steering and is lightweight for easy maneuverability around obstacles, though it won’t fit too far under your furniture. To keep the air healthy while you clean, multi-level filtration with a washable filter keeps all dust and allergens inside the vacuum at all times. Improved scatter-free technology keeps debris from being blown back on hard surfaces for a more efficient, less frustrating clean.

The head of the vacuum is designed with edge-to-edge cleaning bristles that allow you to get much closer to walls than many other models. The multi-cyclonic suction on this Bissel vacuum is on par with top brands in this product category, so performance will not be an issue with large or heavy messes. Plus, a pet TurboEraser tool with a rubber brush roll lifts and traps hair better than any other tool for an easier time keeping your home pet hair-free. It is also useful on stairs, upholstery, and your vehicle. This vacuum also has an automatic cord rewind feature so you’ll never have to manually wrap a cord again.

What sets the Bissel Cleanview Swivel Upright Vacuum apart?

We absolutely love the automatic cord rewind, and we wish every vacuum had this super helpful feature. The edge-to-edge cleaning design of the vacuum head is another not-so-common feature since most vacuum heads have large perimeters that cut off suction about an inch on either side. This edge-to-edge cleaning makes it easier to get right against the wall. Perhaps the best feature on the Bissel Cleanview vacuum is the TurboEraser tool that has a rubber brush for excellent effectiveness in tackling pet hair – the rubber makes all the difference in the world. This vacuum is also equipped with scatter-free technology to limit the amount of blowback when vacuuming things like cat litter on your floors. The final feature that sets the Bissel Cleanview apart is a washable filter that traps dust and allergens to keep them in the vacuum where they belong.

What could be improved on?

The cord is significantly shorter than we would like to see since it can only do one room at a time. 20-30 feet would offer much more reach and would improve the ease of use of this Bissel vacuum, so this is certainly a necessary improvement to make it a more attractive option to those with larger open areas.

Performance of the Bissel Cleanview Swivel Upright Vacuum

Surface versatility

This vacuum is compatible with all surface types. Its triple-action brush roll makes quick work of thick carpets, but it is as effective on bare floors as well. The TurboEraser tool makes this vacuum compatible with stairs, vehicles, upholstery, and other surfaces around your home for full-house cleaning.

Cleaning power

The suction power of the Bissel Cleanview is on par with top Dyson models, so this vacuum makes a great replacement option for those looking for a cheaper alternative with outstanding suction. The added TurboEraser tool gives the vacuum extra power for pet hair, which many vacuums cannot handle effectively.


The maneuverability of the Bissel Cleanview is above-average for upright canister vacuums. Its low weight makes it easier to move over thicker carpets, swivel action makes it flexible around corners and tight turns, and edge bristles make it easier to clean tight corners.

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Best Stick: Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful battery that provides up to 100AW of suction power. This power, paired with a motor in the brush roll, makes this vacuum more effective than most at tackling carpets and pet hair effectively. It can run for up to 30 minutes without any fading before it needs a recharge. You’ll enjoy 6 minutes of fade-free suction on max mode if you have a particularly stubborn mess to clean up as well. This vacuum only weighs about 5 lbs., so it can be used by anyone and is much more convenient if you want your kids to help out with chores around the house. It can also convert to a lightweight, portable handheld unit for cleaning stairs, furniture, vehicles, ceilings, and any other hard-to-reach or potentially dangerous surfaces.

The battery is non-detachable, so you will have to place the entire vacuum on its charging base and do not have the option of swapping out the batteries to continue vacuuming your home in case the battery dies on you in the middle of your chores. The charging time for this Dyson stick vacuum is average for these types of vacuums at 3.5 hours. The dust bin only holds 0.14 gallons, so it isn’t ideal for larger jobs if you have lots of dirt, pet hair, or other debris to clean up and you don’t want to empty partway through. Luckily, the dust bin empties incredibly easily and doesn’t need to go anywhere near your hands to be opened and dumped, unlike most other vacuums. The vacuum uses a trigger for operation, so you can seamlessly start and stop vacuuming in a split second when needed, unlike push buttons on other vacuums.

What sets the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner apart?

Compared to standard vacuums, the slim design of the Dyson V7 stick vacuum is what sets it apart since it can reach under furniture and is light enough to reach ceilings without strain. Compared to other stick vacuums, the wall mount is a very handy feature that many other stick vacuums do not offer. Plus, it has a powerful motor inside the brush bar that makes it more effective at cleaning medium-pile carpets and pet hair than most other stick vacuums. The 30-minute run time on a charge (when not in max mode) is also longer than other battery-operated vacuums that average 15 minutes of powerful suction before the power fades. The dust bin on this Dyson stick vacuum is also much more pleasantly designed than most other vacuums since you don’t have to touch it to empty it – no dust or dirt anywhere near your fingers.

What could be improved on?

The dust bin on the Dyson stick vacuum is incredibly small, so you won’t be able to do too much heavy-duty cleaning without needing to empty it. Though it would only take a few seconds, it is an annoying interruption that would be easily preventable with a larger canister. Though 6 minutes of max mode is decent, we would like to see improvements in this area as well since it isn’t a lot of time to clean thoroughly, especially in a vehicle or pet-friendly home. It may also be worth it to include a second battery for the vacuum to double its operation time between charges.

Performance of the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Surface versatility

This Dyson model isn’t as effective on thick carpets since it doesn’t have any weight pushing it down into the fibres, but it is still incredibly versatile since it can be used on thin carpets and converts to a handheld vacuum for all other surfaces in your home. 

Cleaning power

The cleaning power of the Dyson V7 stick vacuum is impressive, especially compared to the older V6 model. It offers powerful suction for up to 6 minutes, which doesn’t sound like much but feels much longer when actually in use, so you won’t have any issues tackling large or heavy messes. 


Maneuverability is excellent with the Dyson V7 cordless stick vacuum since it can easily reach under couches, tables, and chairs thanks to its super slim design. It also easily navigates obstacles, corners, and tight spaces since it turns on a dime with a slight twist of the handle.

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Characteristics for choosing the best vacuum cleaner in Canada


Vacuums have a very large price range depending on quality, brand, power, and features, so setting a budget early is key to narrowing down your selection and finding a vacuum that provides the right balance of value and performance. Depending on how often the vacuum will be used and the calibre of messes you’ll be cleaning, you can either get away with a cheap model or will require a high-end, expensive option – it is a very subjective decision.


The weight of the vacuum you choose is particularly important if you have stairs that you’ll be vacuuming since they are the most awkward – and potentially hazardous – surface you’ll be cleaning with your vacuum. If you have a large area, a lighter vacuum is helpful for your stamina as well. However, if you have thick carpets, you don’t want to go too light since the weight will help the vacuum reach deeper into your carpet fibres.


Maneuverability is important with a vacuum cleaner since you’ll be cleaning around obstacles, up and down stairs, and in tight crevices. Stick vacuums are naturally more flexible for tight spaces, heights, and other awkward spaces, but many normal upright vacuums are highly maneuverable and responsive so that you can turn corners easily and maneuver around obstacles. For optimal maneuverability and ease of use, check for swivel steering on upright vacuums you’re considering to ensure it can turn smoothly.

Cleaning power

A vacuum is only as effective as its cleaning power, so this is one of the most important factors to investigate when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. If you have lots of carpets or deal with bigger, tougher messes, stronger suction power is crucial. A weaker vacuum may be lighter or more affordable, but it will require more passes to clear the same amount of dirt and dust as a stronger vacuum.

Surface versatility

When choosing a vacuum in Canada, it’s important that it is compatible with all of the surfaces in your home. Some lower-end vacuums cannot handle higher-pile carpets while others can handle any type of surface. You should also consider the number of settings for floor surfaces so that you can customize the vacuum for your bare floors, thin carpets, thick carpets, vehicle, stairs, and more.

Power source

Vacuum cleaners are either battery operated or powered by a long cord, and each style has pros and cons. To choose between these two power sources, you must consider how the vacuum cleaner will be used. If you have large open spaces, a battery is most likely a better option since a cord can only reach so far and it can be frustrating to find reachable outlets in open floor plans. a cord is a better option if you need to vacuum for longer periods of time without worrying about running out of battery. They are also usually stronger than battery-operated vacuums since they can pull more power.


The versatility of the vacuum cleaner you choose is largely determined by the number of tools, accessories, and attachments that come with the vacuum. A crevice tool and brush tool are most common, but some tools are designed for specifics like pet hair and other messes. Some vacuums, particularly stick vacuums, can come apart to become handheld units that offer much more versatility with a variety of surfaces and mess types. 

Cleaning width

Choosing a cleaning width is a bit of a balancing act. A larger cleaning width is more efficient but a smaller cleaning width is more maneuverable in smaller spaces and around obstacles. The average cleaning width is 12”, but if you opt for a larger cleaning width, stronger suction power is also mandatory otherwise you’ll be making extra passes and won’t enjoy improved efficiency.