Whooosh! That’s how fast the month of June flew by! A whirlwind of a ride through birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and pre-wedding celebrations. All safely planned following the COVID-19 regulations of course.

So many memories were made, but I can’t help  but wonder, how many of them will truly be remembered? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but are those thousand words always worth missing out on truly being present in the moment?

Pictures are certainly a great way to preserve memories, but as I snapped away at all our gatherings, phone constantly in my hand, I had to ask myself if this is really how I want to always spend each event; looking through a camera lens. Constantly standing on the outside, capturing everyone else’s special moments, but not always being a part of them myself. Instead of feeling present, processing and creating my own memories, I feel like I’m processing it all from behind a lens instead.

Our little munchkin turned two in June. When you think about it, two years is really not a long time, but when I look back at pictures and videos of my newborn baby, I have a hard time remembering what it felt like to hold those tiny hands and feet. Now he runs around like a little man, full of life and energy. Am I missing out on all the memories from those first months because I spent most of my time on my phone, or is it simply because I was still in shock after such an immediate life change?

When you become a mom, you kind of go on robot mode for a while until you figure out your new routines and tricks to get through each day. There could be many factors that play into why it seems so much harder to live in the moment and retain memories, without needing to reach for your phone. For me the biggest step is acknowledging the situation and wanting to take action to remember to look through my own eyes instead of the eye of a machine.

After such a busy month, a much-needed cottage getaway was on the calendar. A break from reality, with close family and friends, was exactly what the doctor ordered. Poor service, meant there was no excuse for any of us to spend the weekend on our phones. Most of us didn’t even bother carrying them around. I decided to turn mine off and truly soak in the peace and tranquility the beautiful lake had to offer.

During an early morning paddle board ride, the water was like a mirror and the fresh air filled our lungs. As we paddled across the lake, it was as if we were gliding through the clouds – the reflection from the sky being so clear on the water. Rays of sunlight glittered across the water, like sparklers on a birthday cake. Pure bliss. Moments like that are exactly what I needed to remind myself that it is possible to appreciate and process nature’s beauty without needing to capture it through a camera lens.

Memories can be shared just as well through stories – both written and spoken. We shouldn’t need weekends away from civilization to remind ourselves of the importance of being present in our day-to-day activities and processing them through the lenses of the naked eye.

There is beauty all around us, we just need to put our phones down and look up to truly see it and remember it!