The Township of North Glengarry is advising residents of black bears spotted in the area. The township is advising residents to take the necessary measures to bear-proof their homes and properties.

For more information on how to stay safe residents are advised to visit the links attached to the Township of North Glengarry ‘s website…

The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry provides the following tips on what to do if you encounter a bear:

Avoid encounters:
– Make noise when you move through heavily wooded areas, especially if you are near a stream or waterfall where bears may not hear you.
– Singing, whistling or talking will alert bears to your presence, giving them a chance to avoid you.
– Keep your eyes and ears open and watch for signs of a bear, such as tracks, claw marks on trees or droppings.
– DO NOT wear headphones.
– Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are doing activities outside (e.g. hiking, jogging, cycling, gardening, berry picking or camping) where bears may not realize you are there.
– If you are out with a dog, keep it on a leash. Uncontrolled and/or untrained dogs may actually lead a bear to you.

Think about safety:
– Carry a whistle or air horn.
–  Carry and understand how to use bear spray.
– If you are in “back country” consider carrying a long-handled axe.

If you do spot a bear:
– Remain calm and do not run, climb a tree or swim.
– Slowly back away while keeping the bear in sight, but do not make direct eye contact.
– Watch the bear and wait for it to leave. If it does not leave, wave your arms and make noise.
– If you are near a building or vehicle, get inside as a precaution.