With the recent heat wave, many residents, as well as Champlain Township administration, are looking forward to the reopening of the beach.

Unfortunately, the beaches seem to have been forgotten in the provincial reopening plan. Thus, it is up to each of the health unit to define the specific details of the various reopening steps. We are currently waiting for confirmation from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit that the beach could reopen at step 1 of the reopening plan, which would be this Friday, June 11th.

As soon as we receive confirmation from the EOHU, we will begin the gradual reopening of L’Orignal beach, based on an admission matrix to avoid overcrowding like the beaches in Toronto and Oka.

L’Orignal Beach access will be based on an admission matrix (see below). Beachgoers must present proof of residency such as a driver’s licence to gain access to the beach. Visitors residing in a region marked in a state of alert will be restricted.

Admission Matrix

Please note: The admission matrix below will be modified on a need-be basis as further direction from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and provincial recommendations are provided.

Beachgoers can access L’Orignal Beach (based on the admission matrix below) by showing proof of residency such as a driver’s licence (restrictions apply).

Upon entering the beach, security may ask for you to show the items within your bags. Refusal to do this will make a patron inadmissible to the beach.

Ontario Roadmap to Reopen Resident of Champlain Residents of Eastern Ontario region Non-residents of Eastern Ontario region
Before step 1 Closed Closed Closed
Step 1
(expected on June 11)
Open Closed Closed
Étape 2
(expected on July 5)
Open Open TBD
Étape 3
(expected on July 26)
Open Open Open with restrictions


Township of Champlain residents and taxpayers are welcome to L’Orignal Beach when the Emergency Brake ends, currently scheduled for June 11, 2021. This date may be postponed if the Province extends the Order further. Proof of residency (such as a driver’s licence or tax bill) must be shown before entering L’Orignal Beach.

Those who own a property in the Township of Champlain but whose permanent address is located outside the Township of Champlain must bring proof of I.D. (i.e. driver’s license, passport) and proof of property ownership (recent tax bill, water bill, hydro bill) to gain access to L’Orignal Beach.

Beach Capacity

To ensure room for physical distancing, beach staff is only allowing 80 vehicles (about 200 people max) on L’Orignal Beach per day. Prior to heading to the beach, patrons are encouraged to check the capacity status to avoid disappointment and overcrowding. Contact Info: 613-675-2637

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