To The Editor,

This letter is in response to two other letters from The last Review issue concerning the Colacem cement plant with the two saying Action Champlain should back off on the fight that has lasted all these years. It’s that kind of thinking which has contributed to the relationships we have with the province next door.

Basically this part of Ontario has been at the mercy of Québec for 65 years, being constantly taken advantage of when it comes to jobs, natural resources and environmental destruction and all the locals have ever said is “That’s just how it is.” It’s how it is because the people around here never fought for their province and their future, blindly relying on politicians to respect and protect the lives of the people who elected them, when in reality for some reason, politicians from top to bottom love to pander to Quebec and its residents.

Case in point: SNC Lavalin. Our Prime Minister said he did it for the jobs, but he did it for the votes. I still remember that Tuesday night years ago when Champlain voted down the cement plant. Out of the blue, 12 hours later, Clarence Rockland and two other areas said they wanted it. Hell, it won’t even affect them. I guess it’s just an old boys club and someone calling in a favour.

This is a Quebec-owned cement plant and it will be built by Quebecers, it will be run by Quebecers, and when functional, it will be Quebec trucks destroying our air, our water, our environment, our future, our health. It doesn’t matter that this corridor of Vankleek Hill, Hawkesbury and L’Orignal has the highest rate of cancer in Ontario. I think that’s why the politicians want it, so they can finally kill us – that way, dead people don’t protest, dead people don’t complain, dead people don’t question the workings of a government that is not serving us.

As for Action Champlain, I have nothing but the highest regard and admiration for their courage and tenacity, not just words but taking a stand for their homes, their futures, putting their money where their mouths are and fighting to preserve an amazing beautiful and serene part of Ontario, their homes, our homes and our futures. I can’t thank them enough.

If we don’t ask, we don’t get. Stay safe and be polite.

Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill